Photo Post – Enthusiasm!

16 April , 2011

Our new thing. Hands up in the air together with a “Yay!” – often heard just before bath time, or when there’s sweets in the vicinity. Also a nice way to celebrate the end of a Monday really.


Along with her love for reading and books, she has a slight obsession with pens/crayons/pencils/anything that can draw a line on something else. Last week while I was having a bath she coloured in the outside of the tub for me with a green crayon and a pencil! Luckily it washed off easy enough, but her tools got confiscated for a day or two – as you can imagine she wasn’t all that pleased with that development. The other thing she seems hell bent on doing is jamming it in her ear, I’ve managed to rescue the ears each time, so far, thank goodness. Not everything ends up in her mouth anymore, but the crayons often still do…I wonder if they taste nice?


Except for hair washing, she loves bath time again as you can see “Yay!”.
And the more bubbles the better. She definitely gets that from me. 😉



  1. absolutely agree – the more bubbles the better 🙂

    She is a true girl – you are training her so well. Have you tried those washable crayons? V. expensive – the cheapest I’ve seen is at Woolies (R69.95) and then Mr P Home (R79.95)

  2. I’m not sure if the ones we have are specifically washable – but they come off fairly easy anyway, Still, I don’t want her to think it’s okay to go round writing on walls.

  3. Louisa – Your daughters little face just lights up my day. She is stunning and if you ever get tired of her cute little face send her my way.

  4. 😆 I’ll never get tired of that little face, but thanks for the offer.

  5. My knucklehead and I both drew on everything we could get our hands on from tiny!

  6. Me too…we moved a lot, I used the boxes as my canvas. I once used a wall in a rental house, got that notion out of me with a very proper hiding.

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