Photo Post – All heart

14 April , 2011


All heart!


Previously hard to reach places are not that hard to reach anymore. Which is why I end up saying “No!” a lot more than I used to. Nicola’s picked up on the word but not quite the sentiment yet I guess. You can ask her anything now, which she answers with ” uh-uh” and vigorous head shaking, even though very often she means yes. Like you’ll say, “Do you want tea Nicola?” and she’ll say uh-uh and shake her head, and then grab the bottle from your hand and drink it.


Walking the doggie stuffed toy to sleep, she pats him on his bottom and sings doodoo…doodoo to him until she thinks he’s settled down. Then she lays him on the floor with the other “sleeping” soft toys or brings him to me to look after.



  1. She is just BEAUTIFUL!!!

  2. Thank you! 😀 I think so too.

  3. She is too precious…you are one lucky mommy:)

  4. I am the luckiest mommy in the world Ruby. 😀

  5. Aaaaw kyoot!!

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