Photo Post – Feed Me?

13 April , 2011


S brought us a venus fly trap. Isn’t it cute?

I’ve never had one before so I scoured the internet looking for tips on how to care for it (hope it’s easier than orchids, cause those I seem to be unable to keep alive). Seems it only needs to eat about three insects a month and prefers distilled water, or water that’s been standing open for at least two days so any chemicals can evaporate from it. And it wants to be in a light area without direct sunlight according to those who know.

So…just after it arrived, as if summoned a big fat lazy fly appeared and offered itself to the trap…it was pretty cool to see it hunting actually. One down, two to go. Not sure what I’ll feed it in winter when there are no flies about? I tried feeding it a mosquito last night but I don’t think the mozzie was heavy enough to trigger the leaf, because it remained un-munched through the night. I guess that deserves an escape, so I let it out again. If it bites me again, I’ll kill it myself. S got herself one too and has been feeding it roaches! I also put a shooter glass of water next to it, and tomorrow morning it can have it. The light I can’t do much about, so I hope it’s happy where it is in the kitchen. It’s the only place in the house Nicola can’t get to it so that will have to do for now.

Now I think it needs a name…and also someone to look after it when we go on holiday over Easter. Any suggestions for cool names for our newest member of the household? I’m leaning towards calling it Mac, but I am still open to suggestions.



  1. My vote goes for either Audrey 2 or Seymour from the Little Shop of Horrors. “Feed me Seymour”


  2. 😆 Seymore is one of the first names I thought of too!

  3. Yeah, I thought ‘Audrey’ immediately, but perhaps something else would be more suited to your new plant … like, Sydney?

    • Mmmm, I can’t use Sydney unfortunately. Once named a kidney stone that.

  4. Damien’s had a couple of those! If it flowers you must cut the flower off before it grows too big, apparently it takes a lot out of it to produce a flower.

  5. 😦 It appears to be dying…

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