Karoo Restaurant

9 April , 2011

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One of my colleagues is leaving us soon, and we all went out for lunch to say bye. We went to a place called Karoo Cattle and Land in Fourways (Longpoint – Montecasino Boulevard).

What a nice place. naturally they feel quite strongly about meat, I know this for sure by looking at their vegetarian menu (Steamcleaner is a vegetarian). There are only 6 items on it and two of them have meat in! 😆 The place is really nice inside and the service is pretty good too.

Go hungry (like don’t eat for daaaays)…they bring your food on a tray, and it’s full! I ate that lunch for two days. Don’t be shy to either loosen your belt or ask for a doggy bag, the portions are enormous. Also, rather take some home and leave a little spot for dessert. The chocolate brownie (also huge!) is spectacular. I could go back there just for that brownie, seriously. It is the best I have ever tasted bar none.

It was a nice afternoon spent chatting to people about everyday things instead of work. Turns out my colleague might be staying a little longer though, maybe we’ll go out for lunch again? 😉 (If I’m ever hungry again after that).



  1. We took a few of our overseas world cup guests to Karoo to experience meat the South African way 😉

  2. And, did they enjoy it?

  3. We’ve been to one of the Karoo restaurants! It was awesome!

  4. What did you have?

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