Photo Post – Cuteness herself

7 April , 2011


I see some licking out the bowl moments in our future. Here’s a photo of Nicola “helping out” Ouma after she beat some cream for an apple pie she baked. She was covered from ear to ear!

We’re trying a new thing at the moment, and it’s working like a charm. I realise we might be a little late to the party (all the cool kids have been doing this for ages!) – but hey, we’re here now. In the past Nicola used to have her bottle of milk followed by some tea and then go to bed at about 20:00. She would then sort of wake up somewhere between midnight and 01:00 for another bottle. I say sort of wake-up because she doesn’t even open her eyes, just gives half a moan till I give her the bottle and drinks it all without even opening her eyes once. Then we’d sleep further until about 05:00.

Now I whack a teaspoon of baby cereal in that 20:00 bottle, and she sleeps right through till about 06:00. Also I don’t have to change her nappy while she’s sleeping because she’s obviously having a lot less fluid than before.

It’s pretty cool. 😀

Chillin with Ouma outside.



  1. Licking the beaters is the coolest!

  2. I did the cereal for about two nights – it totally bombed and then I googled…. I will share with you if interested but don’t want to give assvice 🙂

    PS I know who your friend is.

    PPS the bowl, the beaters, the spoon – ALL good 🙂

  3. Oh She is miss cuteness herself.

  4. Angel, I agree – especially if it’s cream.

    Marcia, yes tell me everything please. I might not always take the advice, but I always listen first. 😉 PS…I may or may not have sent her to say hi to you too.

    cat, thank you! 😀

  5. She is just too cute for words.

  6. Thank you! 😀

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