Laurakim’s baby bash at the Spur

6 April , 2011


You haven’t lived until you’ve taken a toddler to the Spur recently. They have so many things on their playground for the kids to enjoy. I think it must be fun for the kids. I don’t get to spend a helluva lot of time at the table either yet, but still Nicola enjoys it. When she’s a bit bigger I might let her wander off on her own a bit while I keep a look-out from the table, but for now we play together.

Here she is: riding the pink elephant (which she enjoyed as long as she could hold my hand while it was moving) after each ride she would pat it on the head and say “Toe-toe” very sweet.


Here she is playing in the sand pit. A little blond brat came over a few minutes later to tell me that Nicola had to leave the pit because it was hers. Really…anyway, I’m not proud of it but I had words with this probably about three-year-old, and if I could see any obvious parental interest I would have had words with them too. I told her the sand pit belonged to everyone. She said she was there first. I said there was enough space for them all to play together. She said if Nicola wanted to stay she had to go sit in the corner where she wouldn’t bother her or be in the way.

At this point I became a little less polite. She ended up sitting in the corner herself, but she took all the toys with her except the green one which Nicola had in her hand. She actually looked like she was going to make a grab for that too, but one look at my face made her change her mind quickly.

Nicola, blissfully unaware of any drama, kept on playing and chattering to herself.

I usually believe that unless someone is getting hurt, kids should be left alone to sort out their own pecking order and politics, but that little brat really got under my skin. Teach your kids to share, it will make them much more pleasant to be around, really.


On the little bicycle, of course with the necessary “prrr-prr-prrrrr” that goes with it.


They were empty so I let her loose on one of the trampolines that she’s been eyeing. She loved it! So much so that I actually had a really hard time getting her out again (I’m not allowed on of course, because I’m not a kid). Eventually had to lure her to the opening with my cellphone and grab her by the ankle when she tried to make a run for it again. 😆

The little time we did spend at the table we had some chips and ice cream. Nicola fed me ice cream by hand too! I don’t know who was stickier, me, her or the table around us. It was good fun though. Luckily I’m already quite used to walking around with all kinds of stuff smeared on me, so it didn’t bug me one little bit, in fact the ice cream was lovely.

We had a great time there. Thanks Laura for inviting us to your baby shower. Sorry I didn’t get to chat to you for very long, but now at least you know what I was up to.



  1. It was so nice to see you and Nicola 🙂 She is a beautiful little girl!!

    Argh playground scuffles and rude kids – welcome to the next 16 years :-/ I started off being polite – now I trip the little felons (ok not really but almost)

  2. She is so cute!! It was awesome seeing you 🙂

  3. Laura, it was really good to see you too. 16 years?! Good grief.

    Jenty, thank you. It was great seeing you too. We really really really must make a plan for some coffee or something soon. How’s your next weekend looking so far?

  4. I love how you gave that girl a talking-to. I do the same esp if the parents don’t want to parent.

  5. Marcia, I actually sort of feel sorry for her. If someone doesn’t teach her some proper manners she’ll end up always playing alone in the corner.

  6. I enjoyed seeing you again, its been far too long.

  7. I agree…waaaaaay too long! It was awesome seeing you too Angel.


  9. Scared mom, yep – she had a blast! 😀

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