Building a vocabulary – one word at a time

5 April , 2011

We have this little thing we do at night. After bath time, Nicola has her bottle and we watch something on the laptop (when she’s awake usually something animated or Big Bang Theory or something similar). If nothing is actively happening on the laptop all my photos randomly scroll by as a screen saver. Nicola loves that and points at people in the photos for me to tell her who it is, or if she recognises them she’ll say their names (mostly Mamma, Ouma, Oupa, or Nie-nie as she calls herself).

What you may not know is that I collect the Google doodles too, I think I have a nearly complete set and I get all the new ones on a RSS feed too, even if they didn’t show in SA. Every time a doodle comes on with the screen saver I say, “It’s a goooooooogle!” and give her a big kiss on her forehead. Just last week I was thinking that I might have to stop doing this because she would end up thinking the word for kiss is google? Not so. Last she quite clearly pointed to the screen when one came on and said “Googeh”…and then threw herself into my arms for a cuddle. What a clever kid I have! πŸ˜€

This morning we were in the bathroom while I was brushing my hair and teeth and out of the corner of my eye I saw a big-@ss daddy long legs crawling down the wall. I said to Nicola, “This won’t do” and got my Law of Damages text book to slay the beast. I hit it three times until it departed for kingdom come in many little pieces. Nicola was hosing herself because I don’t think she actually saw the beast, so to her I was just being a silly mommy beating the wall up with a book. I said, ” Mommy SMACKED him!” making a smacking noise with my hands….more laughter. Then she goes round the house smacking her hands together saying “mack! mack! mack!” and laughing uncontrollably. I think she gets it.

Another very cute thing she does is her use of the word “perdjie” (tiny horse). Afrikaans, at times a somewhat misleading language has given us some words which all have “perd” in them and to Nicola they are now all the same. Like “perd” – horse, “seeperdjie” – seehorse, “luiperd” – leopard, and “kameelperd” – giraffe. I once mimicked the sound a horse makes to Nicola while we were reading a book, and now every one of the above creatures gets that sound effect from her when she sees them. And they are all “perdjie!” to her.



  1. How cute is this kid πŸ™‚ Love the google word – very proper of her

  2. Ag cute ma! I love that you collect the Google doodles – I love them.

  3. YOu’re so right – I forgot that all those Afr words have “perd” in them.

    She is adorable and clever!!!

    Connor loves when I drop things and they make a noise. Thinks it’s so funny.

  4. Laura, I thought so too. πŸ˜‰

    cat, I had two years worth once upon a time when my hard drive crashed. I thought I had lost them all, so I was really happy when I got them again. That’ll teach me not to back up often huh?

    Marcia, they find the weirdest things funny huh? I’m constantly amazded at the connections she makes like all those “perd” words.

  5. Your child is adorable. Is she for sale?

  6. Scaredmom, absolutely NOT! πŸ˜†

  7. Aaaawww how cute is that!

  8. πŸ˜€ My kid is a genius!

  9. Smart little sausage, this one.

  10. πŸ˜€

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