Photo Post – School

30 March , 2011

This is Nicola’s class at school. That’s one of teachers, Jackie, and in total they are five little ladies in that class. Not even a single boy.

201103181120 201103181123

This was school photo day at Nicola’s school and they asked very nicely
that she should wear a dress if possible. The school is really great and Nicola is really happy there. I’m glad that we found them when we did.



  1. Sy word elke dag nog net mooier!

  2. 😀 En moet nie vergeet ouliker nie! 😆

  3. I love seeing her school 🙂

    And pics of you!!! You need to do more “mommy and me” pics.

    BTW I’d really like you to weigh-in on my post today, when you get some time.

  4. Ag moeder Louisa… Sy lyk te cute met die haar knippies in. Moet seblief nie daai lokke afsny nie.

  5. Marcia, 😆 I’ll try to take some more often – but my arm’s not quite long enough to do it properly and I’m usually the one holding the camera.

    Left you a comment, hope it’s the post you had in mind? For some reason your post hasn’t popped up in my reader yet.

    Michelle, ek beplan nie om dit enige tyd binnekort te doen nie. Miskien net weer gelyk trim later die jaar.

  6. I can not believe how big she’s getting! Did a proper little catchup on the blog…haven’t done much blog reading lately with the craziness that is the new job…but now i’m all caught up and i suspect i’ve had an overload of cute with all these pictures:)

  7. 😆 Yes, the cuteness can be a bit overwhelming if you’re not used to it. She’s a real little girl now Ruby, hardly any baby left there. (But of course she’ll always be MY baby)

  8. Did she wear the dress all day?

  9. Yip, she did – and she seemed quite comfortable in it which I found hard to believe.

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