Photo Post – My daughter the bookworm

29 March , 2011

Nicola really really loves reading. And now colouring too. When we’re at home she if forever dragging some or another book as big as she is around, waiting for me to sit down and read it too her. Everything I read from those books to her she adamantly agrees with, by nodding her head sagely up and down and saying “Ja!”


Ouma’s birthday, so we went over for dinner and a visit. Nicola makes everyone read of course. 😉



  1. A love of books is a great thing to nurture in a child!

  2. I agree…but I do try and remind myself of that when she insists on dragging one to bed too.

  3. Kyooot! That’s awesome that she’s into reading. Good work, you.

  4. Thank you, but I don’t think I can take the credit for that – she kind of started loving it all by herself. 😀

  5. The first photo should be titled ‘And I shall call her Mini Me MWAHAHA’! 😛

    Nicola is just like her mom it seems, except of course all the pink. Unless there’s something you want to confess?! Has Nicola started reading to you yet?

  6. 😆 that’s more true than you even know (except for the pink of course).

    She doesn’t read to me yet, but if I don’t read fast enough she lets me know in no uncertain terms!

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