Photo Post – More unbelievable cuteness

26 March , 2011

201103191144 201103191145
C and SuperM came for a visit, and the kids actually got along like a house on fire! Surprising because he’s about 6 months younger than she is (and they’re the same size!). On Sunday my mom looked after them both for a bit, but SuperM was having none of that and put up a mighty protest. Nicola got so flustered about his unhappiness that she first tried to bury him in toys and then proceeded to pat him on the head repeatedly saying, “Toe-toe” eventually she just joined in the howling until his parents came to fetch him.

The other thing she says a lot at the moment is “Dankie”, it is beyond cute. She uses it all the time now, because we obviously made a big fuss the first time she said it. Anything wet she thinks is tea. The other day it was poring outside, and she even pointed out the window and told me ,”mamma teeeeee”. The chattering is really awesome. I’d love to play a recording of it for you, but every time I aim the camera at her she stops.

Chilling on the potty chair. I’ve been toying with the idea of potty training, but I think we’ll wait a bit longer. It won’t help if they don’t start at school yet, that’s just going to be confusing. She loves sitting on it though. Also lately, she loves climbing on top of it and trying to get in the bath by herself. I can’t turn my back on her for a second!



  1. That pic on the potty is such a toddler with attitude shot 🙂

  2. 😀 that’s my girl! Plenty of attitude.

  3. Ag moeder!

  4. 😀

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