Photo Post – Stalking Louelle

25 March , 2011

201103201164 201103201166

201103201171 201103201173
On Sunday morning I decided that I really needed to see my bud Louelle. I haven’t been able to get hold of her for weeks now, by phone, SMS, or email, so I decided a personal unexpected 08:00 am visit should do the trick. She lives in a security estate thingies, so I had my work cut out for me to talk my way past the guards – but we did it. Turns out her phone was broken. Not only was her phone broken, but also her door bell – so after contemplating throwing a brick over her wall with a note on it I finally managed to attract the attention of her pooch Castro, who in turn managed to get her attention. She was a bit surprised when she opened the door in her PJs still with bed hair and everything, to find us there.

Anyway, we had a lovely visit. We went to go feed the ducklings bread, Nicola ate the bread and chased the ducks around of course. Louelle has this enormous bear called Albertus, which was also a big hit with Nicola. And now I feel better, because at least I know she’s alive and kicking, even if all her means of communication are borked.



  1. Oh the Princess has a huge bear like that whom she adroes.

  2. cat, I can understand why – it’s very cuddly.

  3. How cool is that bear! I want one!!!!!!

  4. Me too! … but I don’t think I have space for it.

  5. Surprise visits FTW!!

  6. Angel, I agree! 😆 Turned out brilliantly.

  7. So gorgeous her hugging the bear! Babyice and I were also feeding the birds one day and he decided to eat the bread instead of throwing it! I made a mental note not to feed mouldy bread to the birds…

  8. acidicice, 😆 good plan. On our previous round she chomped quite a bit of garlic bread meant for the birds. Didn’t seem to bug her one little bit though.

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