Photo Post – Out and About

23 March , 2011

201103201175 201103201176
We went to Cristo’s borthday spit braai at Rumours Pub on Sunday. initially Nicola came with, since it was held outside – but when it started to drip my mom took her home with her. It came down in buckets shortly after – so much so that the guests had to stand on the tables to keep more or less dry. Pretty awesome none the less. He is apparently such a regular there that the owner offered to do the spit for him on the house as long as everyone paid for their own drinks.

201103211179 201103211181

We all went to Spur for Ouma’s birthday on the public holiday so that Nicola could run around and get dirty in between. She had a blast, with the playground and the ribs. I had even convinced my mother to let them come and sing for her with the sparkler in the ice cream so that Nicola could see (my mom hates that by the way!), but then a swarm of bees located us, so we didn’t get to it. Plus we were all so full of ribs and what-not that no one even wanted to see an ice cream!



  1. Oh I hate the bees at that place!

  2. Me too! I can just imagine the kinds of unhappiness we’ll have if one of them stings Nicola. on top of that my brother’s gf is allergic and had nothing with her just in case.

    Then again, we hear the world’s bees are dying – so I suppose we have to tolerate the ones we come across? šŸ˜‰

  3. Oh bees – we had a lot over the weekend and one even stung C

  4. I can imagine that must have been quite traumatic. First time?

  5. Ooh I like her in green!

  6. Angel, it happens to be her favourite colour too.

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