All things in moderation

23 March , 2011

All things in moderation It’s been a bit quiet on the comment side this last week, and I suppose I understand why. I mean how many times can you tell someone how cute their kid is, even if their kid is Uber-cute like mine? πŸ˜‰

Also I do tend to bombard you once a week with a post the length of a encyclopaedia, instead of the shorter posts with maybe one or two photos favoured by most. There is not so much I can do about that, so sorry. I only have a certain time in a week available for blogging and that’s how it goes. Buuuuut…what I can do is break it up into chunks and schedule it to be released a little bit at a time, so we’ll give that a bash this week and see how it goes. (Also, please don’t worry about telling me too many times how cute my daughter is…I already know…but I never get tired of hearing it).

So expect many smaller posts to grace your feed reader in future again.

What else has been potting round here? Well, as you know, about a month and a half ago TheSparrow departed for Cape Town in search of more profitable earnings and family reunions and what-not. The experience is not living up to what he was hoping for though. We keep in touch. He tells me that there is a good chance that he will at some point be relocating back to Joburg.
It’s a bit funny actually. How do I feel about this? Not sure. Not worrying too much about it until it becomes a reality anyway. Of course I’d be happy to have my friend live close-by again, but only if he’s happy too – which I don’t think he will be. He has some dragons to slay before he’ll be happy anywhere. Some of those fairly soon too.

I’m not exactly pining either, if you know what I mean? I thought I might a little at first, but I’m not. It helps that I get drunk-dailed (actually more like drunk please call me’d) a lot I think and told about his unsuccessful hunting expeditions (those are me least favourite calls to get actually). The calls are entertaining and I’m usually awake writing anyway, so I don’t mind being the shoulder from time to time…but when I get off the phone I look at my little girl sleeping peacefully and happy, clean our house, cook for us or whatever and marvel at how different life would have been with all that chaos, drama and uncertainty in it. I believe everything works out for the best always, even when you don’t know it straight away. Nicola and I could do with a man in our life I suppose, but it would have to be a family-man, not a party-animal, not a little-lost-boy, not a pretend-man. We could do with a real man. We don’t need one, understand? It would just be nice to have someone like that to share in our adventure. We actually don’t have energy to pull someone along who’s not headed in the same direction as we are.

Work is work…as always, or never – since I don’t really talk about it. Traffic too and from work occupies too much of my energy and time for my liking. I hope to do something about that soon, and with that I don’t mean designing a jet pack to fly over it (although that would be pretty cool I know).

As for our cottage, we are still really happy there. It usually looks like a little pint-size bomb went off in it roughly five minutes after I let Nicola loose there, but it’s just big enough for us and what we need right now. My landlord and his son are both really awesome people and we get on well. Even when something goes wrong (like the bathroom flooding from a leak or all the kitchen plugs packing up simultaneously) they’re always right there to help. And when nothing is wrong it’s nice to join them outside for a cup of coffee and a chat, and if we’re lucky some of Robbie’s home made choc-chip biscuits! It’s close enough to my parents so that we can visit really often. In fact we probably hang out there more than at our own spot over weekends, so Nicola and Ouma and Oupa get to hang out plenty.

It’s not practical during the week because my daughter needs her routine to be a happy baby, and that means we eat somewhere between four and six (pretty flexible there), bath at six, bed at seven. We make an exception now and then, but this is more or less how we do it. We are no longer even remotely nocturnal beasts.

Weight loss. Did you want to know more about that? I’ll tell you anyway. I am now on 27kg down after Nicola’s arrival, that’s 10 less than when I fell pregnant. I feel pretty good, and it’s great being able to fit into all my clothes, even ones I haven’t worn in years. I weigh 6kg less now than when I was in matric (about 15 years ago!) but NOTHING sits where it use to sit, let me tell you. I do feel a bit guilty about the amount of people I know who really battle to lose their baby weight and I’ve done nothing but stuff my face with junk food in between trying to keep up with Nicola’s energy and demands in general. If it makes any of you feel any better, all my hair seems to be falling out bit by bit. I had some blood tests done to check out the two phenomena – I privately reckon they’re probably related and something to do with a hormone roller-coaster, I can’t take the credit for any of it, although I will take the smaller pants size thank you very much. My doctor did thyroid tests, HIV tests, tests for cancer and a whole bunch of others. After all that the only thing he could find wrong was that I had very little folic acid in my system…so
I’m taking a supplement for that now (but rumour has it it shouldn’t affect my hair and weight anyway). Gazillion rands worth of tests to get a script for pills that cost R5 for 30. Unbelievable…anyway, at least the cause doesn’t seem to be serious or life threatening. We’ll run with it and see where it goes for now. The people who know me think that it all might be stress related. Can I blame traffic for that? If so, then I do.



  1. Your daughter is supper cute, I myself prefer the longer post as it gives you more insight as to what the blogger is saying. But maybe its just me.

  2. I’ve been reading!Just doing it in Reader because The Sheep was giving me stick.

    Wow… that must sound really weird if you don’t know that The Sheep is my ancient laptop.

  3. And I love how you describe the man situation. Well worded.

    “We could do with a real man. We don’t need one, understand? It would just be nice to have someone like that to share in our adventure. We actually don’t have energy to pull someone along who’s not headed in the same direction as we are.”

    Hope the hair loss stops! Well done on the weight loss, even if you haven’t had to try hard.

  4. So good you don’t mind hearing over and over how adorable Nicola is πŸ™‚

    I don’t mind either way – one long post, or more, shorter posts/. I just want to know what’s going on. I will say, I do like a long post at less frequent intervals (I know I don’t set a good example there) so I can make a cup of tea and relax, reading πŸ™‚

    Now, onto you – I love how you spoke about the man thing. I have a single parent mom friend (we met in the NICU and call our kids the triplets – all born at 32 weeks) and she said the same to me recently – Marcia, I just don’t have the energy for someone who;s not on board πŸ™‚

    I think the hair loss thing is both stress and hormones and HELL yes, traffic is key. I would stab things in my eyes before spending hours in the traffic every day.

    But… jealous of the weight loss πŸ™‚ Even when Kyle is KILLING me, I just breathe and focus on getting my thin body back.

  5. scaredmom, I used to do daily posts – but my connectivity is a little bit limited at the moment. Everything happens off my phone more or less. It’s a pain in the but, which is why I just used to do one MONSTER post a week and get it out there. But I’ll give the broken up one a go and see if people find it less intimidating?

    Tamara, RIP sheep and hello Fox! Congrats on your new toy. Thanks for the compliment. I thought quite hard on that bit. I wanted to get across what I meant without sounding angry…cause I’m not.

    Marcia, πŸ˜† well she is cute – so I don’t mind hearing it. If I don’t hear it, I say it myself. πŸ˜‰
    If you prefer one long post you can always let them pool up in your feed reader and read them all at once, nah…scrap that, come here every day! Besides, if it doesn’t work better (so far it does) I might just go back to the weekly wraps. I admire your dedication with the training. I don’t know where the heck you get the time or energy to do it. I wouldn’t call myself skinny just yet, in fact I’ve never been skinny, ever. I’m way too busty to be skinny anyway (I’m okay with that really).

  6. Hey! Nothing wrong with your posts!!!
    Glad things are going so well. Must. Meet. Up. We keep missing each other, would love to see you both soon. And she’s growing like a beanstalk!!! So let’s make plans before she’s left school and taken over the world πŸ™‚
    Also picking up a lot of peace of mind in the post – you sound so happy and content. Warms the cockles of my heart!

  7. Jax, the cockles huh? πŸ˜† Well, glad I could help. Yep, I’m pretty happy and content. Life is grand I tell you, grand, grand, grand.

    Our April weekend are looking crazy already bud, you want to pop in one night after work maybe to start off with?

  8. Uber impressed with the weight loss girl! Wow!

  9. Angel, thanks! I’d feel proud if I actually did anything to shake it. As it is I just feel happy about it anyway.

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