Sea and Sand – Book Review

18 March , 2011

Sea & Sand_1300477603054

On of my very close friends asked me if I could do a blog review for him on this book.

You know me… 😉 I love doing reviews, but if I don’t like something I’ll be honest about no matter who asked me to do it. This time is not one of those occasions though. 😆 I absolutely adored this book!

What a beautiful little book for kids. The book, Sea & Sand,  was written and illustrated by Jonathan Lang to help his own children deal with his divorce in a way that would help them to still feel secure, and know that both their parents still loved them even though they couldn’t be together anymore.

The way in which the story of Timmy (the land turtle) and Erin (the sea turtle) is told is really quite special, and the message is simple: sometimes no matter how hard you try or how much you love someone, it just doesn’t work. Not because anyone did something wrong or was a bad person, but rather because sometimes people are just too different.

This book would be wonderful way to explain to young children that both their parents still love them more than anything even though they can’t stay together, especially when they are committed to making it the least traumatic experience possible for their kids.

Where a divorce is not so squeaky clean and amicable, I think reading this book could benefit a lot of grown-ups too.

If you want to know more about the book you can visit the site: Sea And Sand

Just have a look at this little video clip of Connor telling his story and how the book helped him.

This book was quite clearly written with a lot of love…



  1. Ah, you didn’t even need to text me the name 😉

  2. Chris, I’m helping out a bit. 😉

  3. Where can i find this book?

  4. Hi scaredmom, I’ve passed your details along to my Tiaan. He’ll send you an email, or you can use the contact form on this page if you want : http://seaandsandbook.com/contact.php

  5. Thanks Louisa, I will follow the link as well.

  6. Anytime, glad I could help. 🙂

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