A week that started off with a bang and ended in a cough and splutter…

7 March , 2011

201102281014On Monday (*gasp* yes…a school night) we got invited to go see Andra at the Barnyard Theatre by Lappie. At first I was a bit hesitant about taking Nicola out and messing with her routine, but we have an upcoming family wedding to attend and I thought it might be a good audition of sorts.

Plus I don’t always want to be in bed by eight myself, you know? 😉

Nicola was an absolute champ! When we got there she was dancing on the table and enjoying the show, and then she promptly fell asleep when she had her fill of entertainment. The only thing she found mildly disturbing was the applause. I think we should be just fine for future events.

That’s one thing I’m really lucky with. When Nicola is tired she can fall asleep in almost any kind of ruckus. Not having to have absolute silence comes in handy when it’s out of your control.

201103011015Anything with wheels gets “Brr-brr-brrr” sound effects at the moment.

201103011017 It takes Nicola approximately 5 minutes to get a room into this state.

201103031018We recently chopped down some overgrown Ivy, and it looks like it was the local haunt of quite a number of spiders! In the last week alone I must have killed at least 20. Thing is that I can’t use poison with Nicola in the house, so I have to use a smack action instead.

This book is my slaying tool. It’s nice and heavy so if it’s a jumping spider you don’t have to get too close – you can actually throw the book at it and if your aim is more or less okay you shouldn’t have to throw again.

Remember Aragog from last week? Well, Pasja took him on a school tour to Durban (in his butter container confinement). He made it all the way to Durban before he escaped into the bus and caused some chaos. He didn’t make it back to Joburg – can’t say that I’m shattered about it. Rest in peace Aragog, you should have stayed out of my damn laundry.

201103031024Feeding herself some yogurt – fairly successfully actually. Don’t think I was allowed to help either. She INSISTED on doing it herself. The carpet barely got a bite or two of the whole container. 😉

201103041025 Fancy footwork. Nicola thinks that nappy change is a competitive sport. I must try and get her bum covered and she must try and make it as difficult as possible. I still get it done anyway, but we’re both exhausted by the time I’m done. It’s like a mix between running, wrestling and juggling.

201103041029 See those fridge magnets in the background? Well, apparently my daughter thinks I am made of steel. She keeps plucking them off there and then trying to get them to stick to me. 😆 She holds them against me and commands them to “puck…puck!” (I think she means plak – Afrikaans for stick)

201103051031Drums are very versatile. You can bang on them, sit on them, carry them around, throw them in the bath, leave them lying around as tripping hazards for mom, or use them as stepping stones to get to places you shouldn’t be getting to…and many other yet to be discovered uses I’m sure.

201103051033Attention-starved Tigger on my brother’s lap for a scratch and a cuddle. She even lets Nicola touch her these days as long as Nicola doesn’t use sudden movements or squeels before she does it.

201103051035We had an action packed weekend planned…which came to nothing because I was as sick as dog. I have flu and a bacterial lung infection. Nicola, thank goodness, only has a slight cough and a wet nose.

Those teething beads are worth their weight in gold. Seriously, if you have a baby or toddler and you don’t already own some, go get some RIGHT NOW. I’m not kidding – you won’t be sorry.

While she was fine all weekend, I had the misfortune of being wracked with 40’C + fevers and all kinds of other “glamorous” symptoms. I feel awful. So much so that I even allowed my doctor to give me antibiotics – which I never do. And we’re sleeping over at my parents’ house tonight, and depending on how I feel possibly tomorrow night, so they can help out with Nicola. It’s not easy keeping a little person entertained and looked after while all you want to do is pass out, or cough up a lung. We really appreciate the help.

Anyhoo, hope you’re all having a fabulous week so far.



  1. Adorable little Princess – as per usual. Not a single one of my kids were ever so good to be like she was at the Barnyard. Nope, not one. Consider yourself lucky.

  2. Shame, Louisa. Hope you’re feeling better!

  3. Hope you get better soon but thank goodness for your parents’ house 🙂

    She is fantastic at that yoghurt!

    I keep meaning to write a post on the nappy drama – I will do it………. one day this week

  4. cat, I do…really. She’s always been very easy when it comes to that. She’s actually more likely to wake up if it’s too quiet than when there’s a bit of background whatever.

    Tamara, thanks. The fevers seem to be broken now, thank goodness, but the coughing is still alive and kicking. I’m still booked off for tomorrow, and I’m trying not to feel any guilt for taking the time I need to recover. No statues around for people who went to work when they were sick right? Cause it’s not heroic. 😛

    Marcia, thanks and you’re right – it’s been an incredible help to me. You have a nappy drama post brewing? Awesome. I’m looking forward to reading it because I was starting to think it’s just me having any. Every other kid I see just lies there and has their bottom changed without a fuss. It actually makes me look forward to potty training some days!

  5. I am sending babyflave to Nicola for sleep training! I so want a kid that can fall asleep anywhere 🙂

    She really is adorable Louisa 🙂

  6. Laura, 😆 you are more than welcome. Best is to just always have some sort of background thing going on, they kind of get used to it on their own and then it’s never a problem again.

  7. Ag I am so sorry you aren’t well! Are you better yet?
    You’re quite the mommy blogger now, eh…?

    And I’m not going to say anything about the spiders…

  8. Angel, I’m feeling MUCH better now thanks. I knew you’d have something to think about the spiders. 😉 I could always call you if you want to come relocate them? 😆

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