All that and a bag of chips…

1 March , 2011

Another action packed week behind us. I think this time I’m even more exhausted than last week (with reason, you’ll see). I can’t complain though – I’m having a super fantastic time! And everything is falling beautifully into place all over.

Monday morning *yawn* my thoughts exactly.

NewBroom (who will henceforth be known as SteamCleaner) needed an emergency gift for her sister’s birthday. Aren’t these just lovely. I think I’d like to have fresh cut flowers in my house one day when little sticky fingers
won’t pull them over anymore. If you’re wondering why she’s now SteamCleaner and not NewBroom anymore, the reason is this: firstly, she’s been here almost a year now – so not really all that new huh? And one of my colleagues misheard me when I called her “Esteemed leader” and burst out laughing because he thought I called her SteamCleaner. It kind of stuck. It’s what I call her face-to-face now.

My secret weapon for those five minutes you need both hands to do dishes, brush your hair, make sandwiches or whatever. We have a bubble machine. Behold Nicola chasing them with a paint brush. The secret of the secret weapon strategy is to not use it too often, that way it doesn’t lose it’s magic. πŸ˜‰

Running around with a set of daisy floating candles, as you do. She looks pretty calm for the type of day she had. I was busy hanging the laundry outside when she fell out of the house. There’s one little step from the cottage to the outside and usually she calls me to help her down, this time she decided to make a run for it instead and ended up with a spectacular bump on the forehead, poor baby. We both got quite a fright…but I guess there’s only one way to learn, right. I really hope she gets the hang of steps soon, my nerves are finished.

Reading the paper with grandpa.

Nicola has a new found obsession with shoes, and not always her own. I though 14 months was a bit young to play dress up, but as long as she’s enjoying it I’m cool with that.

I bought her this cute little foam elephant chair. She LOVES it! Even tries to drag it into the bath with her. It wasn’t one day later till she tried standing on top of it to get on the kitchen counter though.

We went to Hannah’s first birthday party on Saturday. I must say this is the first kiddies party I went to where the child wasn’t allowed to eat her own birthday cake. She was allowed to touch it though – they needed a photo for the album. Makes no sense to me, but I know some people feel very serious about NO sugar. Oh well, I suppose everybody does what they think is best for their kid/s. For my own, I think a bit of sugar and a bit of dirt is what makes being a kid fun. She’ll have plenty of time later when she grows up to obsess about what she eats, for now I just want her to enjoy growing up, and besides, it’s not an every day thing.

Here’s the birthday girl with her grandmother and mom in the background (baby number 2 is busy hatching – due early October).

As you can see I have no hang ups about cake with Nicola. She might a fantastic mess of that cupcake but enjoyed it thoroughly. Along with a whole bunch of other party food like cocktail sausage, and mini pizzas, and and and. There was another little girl there who seemed to resent Nicola for her hair though. She got hold of it and would not let go. It took three grown-ups to detach her from my daughter’s head! Except for that incident I think Nicola had a really good time.

It takes about six men to build a baby jungle gym (when they refuse to look at the manual). We mentioned it, but they reckon it could take even more women to do the same. πŸ˜›

Shopping! Nicola’s new word of choice for shopping trolley rides is, “Wheeeeeeee!” and “Bye!” followed by vigorous waving. Too cute. I’m taking it mean I should push it a little slower too perhaps?

I asked Martha to come catch up on my ironing for me yesterday. I just wasn’t getting on top of it at all. What a blessing that turned out to be. She found this massive rain spider in one of Nicola’s tops waiting to pounce. I am so glad I wasn’t the one to find it – it would not have been pretty at all. Plus keep in mind when I do get round to ironing it’s usually in the middle of the night when everyone else is sleeping. I don’t take to spider discoveries silently…My landlord’s son, Pasja, has adopted the beast as a pet and decided to call him Aragog. *shudder* Anyway, he’s taken him on a school trip to Durban this week – I think Aragog could cause quite a bit of excitement in the bus when he makes his first appearance today.

Sometimes I wish the shops had wider isles. Nicola is like a little grabbing machine at the moment. If she gets hold of it and utters the magic “Myne, myne myne!” you’re not getting it back without either a fight or exchanging it for something more interesting. We now have spongebob flip-flops which are a little bit too big for her, but which she loves anyway. πŸ˜† Oh well, they’ll come in handy in April I guess.

20110227995 201102271001
The other favourite word at the moment is “Bye!” accompanied with either a wave, holding of something against her ear like a phone, or running. This time it was the garden hose that got taken for a run down the drive way.

She’s not mad about this dress but I think she looks gorgeous in it. I wonder if it’s a bit scratchy maybe? Enjoy the picture, it doesn’t happen often, and not for very long at a time when it does.

Other news this week is that I got the chance to get involved with some freelance writing. I love it! Also, it’s been keeping me away from ironing, so doubly great, not so? I’m not sure how much I’m allowed to say or not say, so I’m going with my normal M.O. of saying just about nothing for now. I’ve been writing a few hours every day this week, on Friday night I wrote till three in the morning and Saturday night again until twelve. I’m a bit tired, I’ll admit – but still fun.

So understandably when Nicola decided a 18:00 bed time was in order last night instead of the normal 20:00 it didn’t take much convincing for me to join her. Only problem was that she woke up again at 02:00 and I really-really-really still wanted to sleep. I pretended to until she fell asleep again, but it was hard because she’s just so darned cute. She was calling me softly, “Mamma, mammaaaaaaa!” and then when she saw that got her nothing but a closed eye kiss on the forehead, she switched to singing and clapping her hands instead. She was entertaining herself for almost an hour before she decided to go back to sleep again.

Oh! And one more piece of news before I wrap this up. We are going on a family vacation over Easter. We’ll be in Gordon’s Bay from the 23rd of April till the 29th. If you’re in the area of close enough to pop over for a visit let me know, I’m sure we can make a plan. It’s going to be so much fun! πŸ˜€ I can’t wait…

Okay…ramble wrapped up, news told, and now for some more great pictures of Nicola taken by Pasja. Hope you all have an awesome week ahead.

DSCF7139 DSCF7255 DSCF7261 DSCF7263

Ps! Just want to say that I sympathise with anyone who regularly gets migraines. I am having one at the moment and I hardly ever get a head ache even, so it takes some getting used to. Here’s hoping it’s a once off event.

The doctor gave me some kick ass put-an-elephant-down meds, so I’m off to lala-land again in about 5 minutes. I also had some blood tests done because even though losing 27 kg has been awesome it also come with a lot of hair loss and I’d like that to stop now before I need a taupe’. πŸ˜‰ I have every expectation that this will not be a serious issue, but I’ll let you know when I get the results on Friday.

As always, have fun kids!



  1. mmm if you dont want your kid to have cake then dont put it front of them – its a little mean I think!

    Nicola is getting soooo big!!!

    Kiara wont wear anything with thinish straps – never has – it has to have normal sleeves or a thick strap – maybe thats whats bugging her?

  2. She is so gorgeous. Always.

  3. Oh my word, she is adorable. Gosh it is plain nasty to put a cake in front of a child and not to allow them to eat it! And ole Steamcleaner must have a sense of humor if she you can call her that in her face.

  4. Even I let my kids eat their birthday cake and I’m the No Sugar Nazi πŸ™‚ They had as much as they wanted which was about two handfuls and that was that.

    She is adorable and I get that kid – I’m also jealous of Nicola’s gorgeous hair… for me!

    You are so relaxed about the falling – I’m the same but D FREAKS out.

    On the ironing issue, did you read my post about the talk last monday night and the ironing perfectionist? that is so not me – i don’t care how it’s done – I just don’t want to see it πŸ™‚

  5. Poor kid with the cake… imagine the tantrums when she gets older, her parents will regret that :))

  6. Laura, you might be on to something with the sleeves.

    Wenchy, πŸ˜€

    cat, yeah she does – luckily. She knows I used to call her NewBroom too. She calls me Louisa LMS Bouwer (LMS = Last Man Standing, since I am now the most senior person in my department…after a year!) πŸ˜†

    Marcia, I was watching her closely. If she showed any signs of not being herself I would have rushed her off to the doctor straight away. But she was fine. Only one way to learn how to get up after you fall, and that’s falling first. I saw your post, yip. πŸ™‚

    Jenty, it’s not the way I go about it – but I guess her mom has good intentions.

  7. Bahahaha

    My girl cousin and I set up that jungle gym for Liam (although a more complicated version with a swing)in 10 minutes flat. Of course we read the instructions. πŸ˜€

    As for being a sugar Nazi – I think it’s silly. All things in moderation. Otherwise your kid will spaz for sugar whenever they’re out of your sight and learn to feel guilty about it – I don’t see that ending well.

  8. Isn’t everyone jealous of Nicola’s hair?

    Your landlord’s kid is a talented photographer!

    Lovely to be able to look forward to a vacation.

  9. Sunshine, that does not surprise me at all. I’m all about “read the manual” too. It’s not included for entertainment – unless it’s directly translated into Engrish from Chinese.

    Tamara, yip…even me. Pasja is very talented, especially for someone who’s so young? He hasn’t had time to get bogged down with theory yet so he just shoots what looks good to him.

  10. She is getting so big so fast!
    I’m with you on the sugar thing.
    I can’t wait to hear more about the writing thing!

  11. I know right?! Feels like just yesterday when I brought her home from the hospital. As soon as I can I will tell you all about the writing. πŸ˜‰

  12. How is that size of the spider, I am petrified of them. LOL Abigail is also obsessed with my shoes. Nicole gets more and more beautiful everyday.

  13. Thanks Fairy Girl! πŸ™‚ As far as I’m concerned – there is no good size for a spider.

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