The weekly wrap

15 February , 2011

Look who insists on feeding herself these days. Mostly it’s already going a lot better than in the beginning. She almost always gets her face now, and very often even her mouth. After her first attempt (which was nowhere near as accurate) I started spreading out a towel for us to sit on when we do dinner. It’s just easier to clean than the carpet. The way we do dinner now is that I cook it the night before and when we get home I can just nuke it and eat it…because I’m sure you all know when a toddler is hungry, they’re not hungry for in half an hour, they’re hungry for right NOW!


Snooze time…


I received not one, but two notifications in the mail that my driver’s licence was about to expire (I didn’t even realise they sent them out – so it was sort of a pleasant surprise I guess). On Thursday morning I went to the Roodepoort Licence Office Thingamajig to go get my renewal on. Let me tell you that sometimes google fails me. For instance, best I could gather information this was meant to cost about R100 and require 3 passport photos. It cost R190 and they only took one of the photos, for their file. The one that goes onto the actual licence card is taken live after you’ve spent what feels like a lifetime in the blistering sun waiting. Quite frankly I look like crap in it, so I’m not going to show you. In 5 years time when I have to go again I am definitely going in winter.

Anyhoo, got there at 07:15, had my photos taken by some clown in a tent (the good ones) and then joined the queue at 07:30 when the gates opened. This is a picture of all the people in front of me…not that many really. But *drumroll please* there is only one queue. So having my eyes tested beforehand to try and move along more speedily helped nothing, since I had to stand in the same row I was trying to avoid, to have the details recorded anyway.

I got out just before 13:00 and the place closes at 15:00. There is no way anyone who joined the wait would be done before closing time if they weren’t there by 08:00 at the latest. I think in part this bottleneck is due to the fact that there is one little man at the end of this queue who does the eye test (or recording of it), finger prints, signature recording, photo for the card and and and…(also he is not really shit hot at typing so it doesn’t help). Luckily he has at least three people telling people where to stand or not stand to get to him, which must be a “great help”. πŸ˜‰

There MUST be a better way to do this?

A love of reading is a magical thing to have. I hope she always enjoys books this much, even when they come with words and homework later on.

Here is Pasja (our budding young photog from last week’ post), practising his guitar.

Saturday morning we went to a baby shower for our neighbours who are expecting twins! A boy and a girl, after yeeeeears of trying – these people are over the moon with excitement for their bundles of joy to arrive.Β  Here is my mom and Nicola, admiring the balloons.

A pretty little flower arrangement in a tea pot. I quite like that.

I had to take Nicola outside for a breather when she started giving everything she could lay her hands on to me. From past experience I can tell you that if she gets her hands on an actual gift bag, she’s not letting it go.

In the afternoon we went to the Chinese New Year’s celebration at Brightwater Commons. Even though the festival looked like it had a bit of an identity crisis, we had a really good time. (There were gumboot dancers – very Chinese you know – and the international act’s costumes all had an American Indian flare to them – the one singer who looked like Jacky Chan was wearing a stetson! – and we ate loads of spring rolls and samoosas – also very Chinese, right?).

Nicola woke up for the good acts at the end, but was blissfully sleeping through some of the others.

Dragon dancers

Lion dancers (these actually look like big fluffy caterpillars to me – but anyhoo they were actually very good!)

Jackie Chan lookalike

Fish dancers – this was actually the best act of the day in my opinion.

20110213891 Someone got hold of a sweetie pie in Woolies yesterday and got beyond
sticky! Oh well, at least she enjoyed it and I did give everything a proper
wipe-down when we left. When’s the last time you enjoyed anything quite as
much as that? It’s the little thing really…

Just so you know…I was actually trying to keep her off the gravel…but
she was hell bent on playing there and also handing me the whole heap, one
rock at a time! πŸ˜†



  1. I have one word for you – Bedfordview

    I know it’s out of your way (thankfully only about 5 minutes from our house) but it is WELL WORTH IT.

    They are super efficient and … dare I say this… it doesn’t even feel like a govt office.

    The longest I’ve ever waited is 30 mins and this was for a crazy mix-up with number plates (years ago – I’ve blocked it out).

    Then… Nicola is so cute it’s scary! I’m impressed she sits still – if I don’t strap mine down, they run away. No jokes πŸ™‚

  2. Whoa! Buddy hoe lank terug het ons julle gesien? Nicola lyk nie meer soos sy gelyk het nie… Sy is nou nie meer n baba nie, sy is n full fledged little girl!! Sy lyk so anders!!! Hoe gaan dit in julle nes?

  3. Ag man she is getting so big! And she is so cute! That whole eye-test-thumb-print-photo-signature process definitely needs to be sped up with LOTS more of those machines!

  4. Wow – what a mission for your licence! I went to the Marlborough centre half an hour before they closed on a week day. It took 15min to get everything done – eye test, paperwork etc. Then I picked it up 6 weeks later. It was so easy that I almost coudln’t believe it had happened!

    The towel for dinner is a brilliant idea. She looks like she has fun feeding herself πŸ™‚

  5. My son has a love for books and it does make everything else so much easier πŸ™‚

    Love the teapot flowers also!

  6. denise, ja buddy – die kuikens word so vinnig groot, ne’? Die nuwe nes is heerlik. Beide ek en Nicola geniet dit baie. Volgende stap is hopelik om ‘m eie nes te koop vir ons.

    Angel, yeah I agree. Shame that guy is really trying his best, but he’s just vastly outnumbered and under skilled.

    Tamara, maybe next time I’ll go there. With my luck though everyone will beat me to it. πŸ˜‰ And on the feeding: she looooves trying to feed herself. Very messy, but there’s only one way to learn and at least she’s having fun.

    Laura, I saw a flower arrangement in a gumboot the other day – also looked very nice. Some people just have the coolest out of the ordinary ideas.

  7. Next time go to the one in Krugersdorp. It took me 2 hours to get my drivers license sorted. Logan is also trying to eat by herself, just love it.

  8. She looks so sweet man! What a beauty! I also like the teapot idea.

    Rudi and I aren’t quite ready to deal with the self-feeding mess yet…but it’s got to happen eventually, right?

  9. That first picture is just too precious:)

  10. Fairy Girl, only two hours – that’s not bad going at all.

    acidicice, yup…there’s only one way to learn. πŸ˜‰

    Rubyletters, πŸ˜€

  11. Marcia, sorry – I have no idea why your comments keep getting bounced to spam. Only saw it now and let it loose again.

    As for the sitting still bit…don’t be fooled, our biggest drama EVERY day is changing nappies. Nicola runs and I have to chase her and pin her down to get it done! Have you ever changed a nappy on a running target, mmm? πŸ˜†

  12. Next time go to Randburg. I went in lunch time and it literally took me just under an hour to get out of my car, have pics taken, go through the whole process and get back to my car!

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