Why I love my car…

3 February , 2011

So it’s been a bit of a rough month already and today is only the 3rd! 😆

I mentioned that during the move my car started making mysterious noises…never a good sign. So I phoned around and booked it for a service yesterday…I already knew the brake pads were history but was dreading what else might have packed up since the last service.

In the end this is what I got:

  • Full major service R1000
  • New brake pads R242 luckily no skimming of discs required (this is   because I drive like an old lady I think)
  • New water pump (the old one had sprung a leak and was making a right royal mess of everything surrounding it with the red coolant leaking out) R325
  • New cam belt (old one was still fine but since that spot in the engine   was open anyway for the pump replacement and the old one was already 50 000km overdue for a change it seemed like a good idea – plus they kindly gave it to me at cost and didn’t charge me extra labour!) R165
  • New windscreen wipers (well, it is monsoon season in JHB after all) R63
  • New rubber covers for my pedals R35
  • Labour and consumables and what-nots

And the grand total was…..*drumroll please*…R2512.12 vat inclusive.

That’s why I love my car. 😀

It’s the little engine that could – runs on miracles and good thoughts and hardly requires any maintenance. I was a bit glum about it yesterday, since I had to spend some of my what-if money on it, but after having some time to reflect on the situation I think it’s fine…since this is clearly the type of what-if situation I had stashed it away for to begin with.

Also my car is now freakishly clean! Expect snow kids.



  1. Woohooo!

    Hells, my car was broken into, cost R4,500 for a new freaking window and involved a trip back to have it adjusted 😦

  2. I know the feeling! I had a couple of major things done to my little car in December, including brakes, CV joints, wipers, alignment etc etc. and it only cost me R3650.

    I love my car!

  3. What car do you drive?
    My Renault Scenic cambelt snapped and cost over R13 000 to fix which took 1 month to complete, and a year a troubles after that followed by Renault finally agreeing that the problem was the original work. This time they kept the car for 3 months (during which time the cylinder head got lost and then found). Finally a car the (fingers crossed) works.

  4. Oh yeah, you have a great car there.

  5. Chris, that’s just crazy!

    Arkwife, I’m always a little bit apprehensive about taking my car for a service on my own. I just seem to get charged a helluva lot less when my dad goes with…I’m quite relived to have found an honest mechanic.

    Laura, I drive a TT (Toyota Tazz) 😉 I’ve heard that when a cam belt goes it practically takes out the entire engine. Shame man, hope your car troubles are over now?

    cat, 😀 if it had aircon it would be perfect!

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