Big move and other bits of news…

1 February , 2011

Just so you know: my S-key is misbehaving, so if a word looks like it’s missing one of those it’s not my fault!

This week: It’s been quite hectic to be honest. I need a quiet one to catch my breath now (pretty please).

The first thing that happened is that we moved offices. This happened on Thursday. They’ve moved us in with IT on the fourth floor, where all the people with un-flexi-time sit. So far no one has wined about our comings and goings yet, which is a small blessing – but I have asked my dad to show me a new route into the city just in case. More on that later. From my experience I can tell you that it’s odd to find IT on the fourth floor of any place. The best IT places are usually in dungeons aren’t they? 😉

The second thing was that Nicola and I moved into our new place over the weekend. So far, so good. I have come to realise that I own too much crap. There will be a culling in the very near future, until I can make it all fit comfortably into our cottage. It’s nice to have our own spot, and already we’re falling into a new rhythm of sorts. Nicola has the run of the house, which she enjoys. It’s not that big really so she can’t wander too far off anyway. There are one or two things that I still need to baby proof, but for the most part it’s perfectly safe for her to do her thing.

I’ve even done and ironed my first load of washing already. In the process almost flooding the landlord’s garage where my machine now lives because the inlet wasn’t screwed on tightly, but it seems okay now. My washing is a mountain of to-do waiting for a time-slot at the moment. I usually do it over the weekend, but this was moving weekend so I’ll have to play catch-up during the week, somehow. (aren’t you glad you popped in here to read all about my boring laundry situation? – that’s what I though…) 😆

The other tiny challenge is the bath tub. I don’t know what the previous tenants did in there, but I’m pretty sure they didn’t spend a hell of a lot of time cleaning that tub. The whole bottom third has a pretty hectic stain on it and I am trying anything to get it off. Good progress being made there – I am hopeful of having it sparkly white by the weekend or so. Things I have tried with varying degrees of success are the following:

  • Handy Andy (little to no joy)
  • Easy Off Bang (much joy, but not enough – considerably lighter than   before)
  • Harpic Fizzy Granules (a tiny improvement really)
  • Overnight soak with warm water and Vanish O2 (best result so far!)
  • Tonight I’m scrubbing it out with Bicarb and then after letting it soak again overnight with the Vanish – hopefully that will do the trick.

If you have any handy tips (also cheap ones would be super), I’m all ears.

I’m also still trying to get the hang of our crazy driveway! I may or may not have nudged the one wall a little bit on one of my attempts yesterday. Luckily not hard enough to damage the car or the wall. I will admit that my parking skills won’t win me any awards just yet – but I’m working on it.

I am also proud to say that I have managed to slay two small spiders all by myself already, and I did it up close and personal with a shoe! Usually I prefer someone else to do the slaying, or if I absolutely have to then I like to have a bit of distance between us…for instance the length of the vacuum cleaner extension pipe is fine. The vacuum’s pipes weren’t attached yet so I had to make do. *shrug* Can’t have these 8-legged beasts running around in the house with Nicola!

The next thing that happened was that Nicola officially moved over to the toddler class yesterday and by all accounts she had a blast. Sometimes they’ll move the kids between the baby and toddler classes during the day for up to a week until they adjust – but she did so well that they didn’t have to take her back at all. My little champ! 🙂

The bummer of the week is that my car started making weird noises yesterday – so I can’t put off the service like I planned to do. *sigh* I am not a happy camper about this, but it still beats walking right? It looks like at the very least my brake pads need replacing. Not the kind of thing you can ignore. My new route to the CBD is very windy and has many ups and downs, so I’m sticking to the I-could-crawl-faster route for now until the car is back from its service.

Speaking of this new route, let me tell you that it’s very pretty. It’s not the straightest or easiest route, and with my non-existing sense of direction I am bound to get lost on it a couple of times till I get the hang of it, but it’s a lot prettier than the road I take now. The directions alone are more than an A4 page long, to give you an idea! The route I’m taking now has 8 turns in it. The new route crosses the old route probably at least 4 or 5 times…it’s a zig-zag of back roads almost all the way into the city. There is no more back than this back road! I am in awe of anyone that can come up with something like this – so I’m very thankful that my dad showed it to me. There is not even a slim chance that I could have done it on my own.

In a perfect world city planners would have come up with a design that makes it possible for tiny roads to feed main arteries that can handle the pressure and which would be able to get you from A to B in the straightest and fastest way possible. But this is not that world… 😉

Now without further ado, here are some photos of Nicola and of our cottage. Mind the chaos, we are still unpacking and settling in you know.

20110125769 20110125770 20110127774 20110127775

The view from our new floor at work…


More Nicola! 😀

20110128778 20110129787

First sleep at our cottage…

20110130789Roaming around…

20110131791 Twinkle toes!

20110201792Okay, now for pictures of our nest: There are three rooms: the bathroom, the bedroom and the living room/kitchen area. The very messy bits that still have boxes and heaps of tuff to sort out I didn’t take photos of. 😉

20110201794 20110201795

20110201796 20110201797

Maybe when I eventually get that tub shiny and white I’ll show you – alternatively I might have to show you the hole I scrubbed in it trying to get it so.

Anyhoo, have a kick ass week kids! (Hope you’re the one doing the kicking and not the one who is on the receiving end).



  1. OMW! You even have a bidet!!?
    I am so glad you are both settling in nicely, its so cool to have your own space!

  2. Ok, apparently NEVER use things like Handy Andy on a bath. This is what some landlady spent half an hour telling me once. Apparently use ONLY dishwashing liquid, otherwise you’ll lose the enamel. Sounds like your bath is beyond that tho.

    Otherwise, vinegar is apparently the miracle liquid. Especially when mixed with bicarb. No idea what these do to enamel, but apparently it is all google’able.

    But, before I knew about that solution, the only way I got the pink & black mould (mould comes in pink in Oz!), was with a good old kitchen sponge & much unemployed frustrated energy to get out. Ha ha.

    Ha! How domestic am I!

    Your kid continues to look so cute & happy with life!

  3. Angel, indeed I do! Although it doesn’t seem to be working at the moment. Landlord said he’d fix it soon-ish. So until then it doubles as a place for putting stuff, since I don’t have a bathroom cabinet.

    Champs, there is hardly any enamel left to speak of (not my doing). The bicarb is doing the trick – I’ll add some vinegar to it…can’t hurt can it? I will have no flabby on my arms left by the time this thing is sparkly (not a bad thing really). 😉

  4. You always make me feel so proud.

  5. Wenchy, thank you 🙂

  6. I would have NO idea what to do with the bath. I would be a seriously desperate house wife! I would probably try Demestos. BLEACH!


  7. acidicice, yep – tried that, no joy. Seriously the bucarb is proving to be the winner in stain removal.

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