Teeny tiny update…

23 January , 2011

Not too much to catch up on this week. We’re in the throws of a seemingly never ending stream of kiddies parties…that time of the year hey? 😉 We had a good time at our cousin Nathan’s 5th birthday party on Saturday. It was in Pretoria and hot, hot, hot! So hot in fact that my cellphone’s lens kept fogging up – well, it’s either that or it got covered in sticky from the sweets table? I’m posting them anyway, cause that’s the way I roll.

On Sunday we went shopping! Except for all the groceries, I think we are now more or less set…and the big move is next weekend, so if you don’t get the regular update you’ll know it’s because I’m semi-paralysed with back ache from moving boxes and scrubbing floors.

Anyhoo, here are some pictures of the week that was;



20110119739Insisting on chewing the ice lolly wrong side up…oh well, best eaten outside then I guess? 😉

20110122749Foggy picture of Nicola and I.

20110122754Sticky face! Lollipop in one hand and rice crispy treat in the other. Suuuuugarrrr!

20110122756 Look who picked me some flowers. 😀

20110122758And then refused to hand them over! 😆

20110123764Shopping is thirsty work.

20110123767Nicola made off with some carpet samples from Builder’s Warehouse. She’s got great taste by the way – it’s probably the best type they have.

20110123768Taking grandpa for a walk outside Nando’s where we stopped for lunch.

Have a super-cool week kids!



  1. Ag jissie, sy is beautiful!

  2. Ag man, she is cute. Great update on the sweetie.

  3. Just look at those curls!!
    Strongs for the move my friend!!

  4. How have you found the teething beads? I’m very curious about those things!

  5. Cute cute cute cute! can’t wait to see her (and you of course) next weekend:)

  6. Good luck with the move.

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