Say Cheeeeese!

18 January , 2011

Picture post as promised

I could kiss this little face a million times a day – I probably come pretty close to that actually. She is…quite simply…the sweetest little girl in the world. A real ray of sunshine, my baby.

This is the face of a little girl scheming on how she’s going to feed my house keys to the dogs.

I recently suffered a couple of days of insomnia, and I needed wings. Not just one wing, see? That will only make you fly in circles – and who needs that?! I will admit that I can at times get a tiny bit semi-hysterical when I don’t get enough sleep. My poor colleague had to sit through stories that I thought were funny as hell. so funny in fact, that I couldn’t quite get myself to TELL them, so she had to nod and pretend to understand my hand gestures and uncontrollable laughter about something that she couldn’t quite get me to pronounce properly. 😆 In retrospect, the stories were not really that funny anyway. Thank goodness normal sleeping patterns have kicked in.

20110115705 🙂 One day, I’m sure, Nicola will tell me I’m weird for taking so many photos of her hands and feet while she’s sleeping, but it’s not that day yet.

We attended another 1st birthday party on Saturday. This time for our little cousin Mienke. It was our first experience with a ball pit – too much fun! although Nicola liked it well enough, she did not enjoy the feeling of sinking into the balls so I ended up sitting in the bottom of the pit holding her up to an acceptable level. Those balls are remarkably comfortable, just so you know. I could spend a day there.

The birthday girl had none of the same concerns about sinking and at some point there was hardly any of her sticking out at all.

Nicola and I.

My mom bought Nicola a Barbie Ball…and she LOVES it! On the first day she kept trying to bite it, but she’s settled for kicking, throwing and carrying now – which works much better. I am actually quite amazed at how good she is at it and how much coordination she has with these kinds of things. She definitely doesn’t get that from me. 😉

My grandmother departed for Thabazimbi again on Saturday. It was really nice of her to come help us out while Nicola’s school was closed for the holidays. Shame, I think Nicola and my gran are really going to miss each other.

Shopping! We went shopping for cleaning goodies for our new nest on Sunday and this was Nicola’s first ride in the shopping trolley. We ran into Jenty and Connor there too. See Jeanette, this is what she looked like before she got shopped out. I don’t know where Jeanette gets the time to do shopping too, I am constantly amazed at how many photo shoots she can fit into a weekend already!

Spot the picky eater. I’ll give you a clue: it’s the little princess who refuses to eat corn but who will happily munch it as long as it’s still on the cob (and as long as it doesn’t look like you left it there for her on purpose). The school tells me that she also refuses to eat anything fish-related. That’s probably my fault – I never had any while I was pregnant because I was terrified of mercury poisoning, and in general fish is not very big in our house anyway – so it was easy to avoid. The teacher in the baby-class actually prepares Nicola’s food separately when the rest of the school has something with corn or fish in it. I don’t think they are going to be that accommodating in the toddler class from next month.



  1. LOL she definitely looks happier in that picture than when I saw her… but she wasn’t yelling and performing which my kids would have been doing by then 🙂

  2. I was anticipating a min-meltdown too – which is why I ended up cutting my shopping trip short. Might take up online shopping seriously.

  3. Louisa – this child gets more beautiful the older she gets!!!!!!!

  4. I think she is adorable.

  5. Great pictures.

  6. I love her curly hair.

  7. She is just the cutest!
    IMHO, I reckon if a kid is really anti-food of a particular variety, there may be a possibility of allergy and I don’t push it.

  8. That child just becomes more adorable every single time i mosey on over to your blog:) She’s not mine and i’d probably attempt to hug and kiss her all day….cept i wouldn’t cause it would be weird..you know:P

  9. oh she is adorable and all that hair?! I’m jealous!

    I wanted to say can you please send me your email? I like to respond to comments and I noticed this weekend I can’t respond to you directly from the emails Blogger sends me.

  10. Corn on the cob is a great idea!!!! I think I’ll definitely try that with Babyice. Never thought of it before and he is a picky eater of NOTE (have discussed this in my mose recent blog post).

    Babyice was in a ball pit in the kiddies area of the gym yesterday, but I didn’t get to see it because I really need to work my butt off (literally). Apparently he was very good and didn’t cry at all though, so he must have liked it 🙂

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