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12 January , 2011

I thought it might be nice to do a little photo-post now and then too? You don’t mind do you? 😉

Hahahaha, actually I’ll have to start practising again on how I used to blog before Nicola, because all of last year was about her and the 365 challenge, and the year before was more or less all about the pregnancy. I am starting to wonder if I actually still have it in me to right about the rest of life in general.

Oh well…photo post for now…I’ll get some sort of balance going eventually. 😉

First some news:

Nicola, as you know, started walking a few days before New Year’s. and since then there has been no stopping her. Within the first week she was sporting a very decent carpet burn on her nose from trying to make a sudden direction change at high speed. It’s been a learning process for all of us. Sometimes one might feel tempted to just pick her up and carry her around so she can’t hurt herself – but she’s learning her limits, and there’s only one way to do that really, which is to push until you find one.

We have also managed to do shoes! I was happy to let her go barefoot or socked until she started walking by herself, now she has to deal with shoes on occasion. It actually met with a lot less resistance than before for which I am extremely grateful!

Learning: The other thing that’s been going on is that she’s getting the hang of body parts. When she’s in the mood, she can quite easily show you where her nose, mouth, eyes or ears are or yours for that matter – but she is not always in the mood for that game. For a bit she thought that “Eina!” meant neck because she got into the habit of pinching necks and then would laugh herself silly if you shouted “Eina!”. She’s got an excellent grip and can actually draw blood when she goes for the jugular.

Discipline: Nicola does not mean to hurt anyone she just thinks it’s funny, but the neck thing was getting quite painful. I can’t have her growing up hurting other people, she’ll end up being the lonely kid on the playground or the bully! At school I recently had a chat to the principal about it and she said that all the kids go through a biting, punching, kicking, pinching, and tantrum stage – they just deal with it because they see it happen all the time. For biting (that was the stage Nicola was going through at the time) they pop a tiny bit of Eno into the kid’s mouth – which puts them off it quickly apparently. She says that she did consult a doctor and as long as it’s just a tiny bit there is no danger, and it works. We didn’t get to that because she luckily breezed through that stage only to get stuck on pinching. Hidings did absolutely nothing except upset all of us even more, and in the end my gran came up with a pretty cool solution, which was lightly blowing in her face when she does it. Works like a charm! Yay for no more pinching – I am happy to see the tail end of that one since I often had to rock up to work looking like I got accosted by a mountain lion.

Food: We have quite successfully ditched the formula. Legend has it that after 1 year kids can go straight onto normal cow’s milk (full cream) so we’re doing that now. I started her off with just one bottle a day when we opened the last tin of formula, but since this week she is full-on on the normal milk and we’ve had no problems with it whatsoever. Also, I have decreed that there will be no more mush food bought. She has 12 teeth already and I think it’s time to go on normal chewable food. At the moment I am getting a little bit of resistance on that though. she’s happy to sit at the table with everyone and have her plate of food to nibble on, but she only wants to taste it and then decorate the floor and counter with it after she’s chewed on it a bit. We’ll get through it eventually I’m sure – I leave her to do her thing with the finger foods for now, at least she’s willing to taste it and she is eating properly at school. (oh, she is very opposed to mango and will actually fling that at me if I give it to her)

Talking: There are more and more recognisable words coming out of her every day. The list is quite extensive so I won’t go into too much detail, I’d say at least 90% is still babbling – but there are a lot of words coming out too. And she talks plenty! Most memorable over the last week was when she called the dog by his name, which we don’t even always do. His name is Diablo and she managed a very decent Diaboo all by herself.

Now for some photos:

20110105657First day of shoes…

20110106670Early morning snuggles…

20110108677My dad has decided that the pigeons have to move along and stop eating our dogs’ food…on the other end of the house we have a bird feeder, so it must be a bit confusing for them.

20110109678The tap has lost a little of it’s fascination for Nicola, but the hose…now there is a gadget that she’s not mastered yet. 😉

20110109679Trying to see how many cheese curls she can get hold of at once…this was followed by how many can she try to stick in her mouth at once too, and then how many can she half chew and throw around in a festive manner for Mom to clean up. 😆

20110111016Nicola (2)Doing an inspection of the car Sparrow got to drive. You can always tell when he’s annoyed the lady who does the allocations of cars. 😉 Last week he must have bugged her big time because she tried to kill him with an unroadworthy one that doesn’t necessarily turn when you want it to and of which the gas pedal just randomly gets stuck. This week he seems to be in her good graces again though…

20110111680Chilling with Grandma…

20110111682Driving past kilometres of wanna-be students at UJ this morning. Hope they packed something to eat, apparently the queue stretches for daaaaaays.

20110111688Helping Grandpa sort the washing…which mostly entails disagreeing with him about what’s a white and what’s a dark. She often helps me pack away laundry in the same way – or throwing it over her shoulder quicker than I can fold it up and put it away again. This can keep her entertained for hours. 😉



  1. Love the post… I am so happy to hear the Nicola has mastered walking and is now on her way to mastering talking. Next on the list is dancing like Britney Spears now that the new single has been released! *mwahaha* 😉

  2. It will never happen Freddy! 😛

  3. Ag she is growing up so fast!

  4. Shoowee! Walking, talking, no more formula… where does the time go!?
    When are you moving?

  5. She is adorable! I love the laundry story – only because it’s you and not me 🙂 I’m not amused when my two FLING their clothes out of their neatly organised drawers.

    Well done on the move to the milk and the food.

  6. cat, makes your head spin really…

    Angel, we’re moving the last weekend of this month. I have not packed yet – Eeeeep!

    Marcia, I must admit it’s not that much fun repeatedly packing everything away, but I guess she thinks that she’s helping and I don’t want to discourage that. 😉 The switch on the milk went effortlessly, but on the food not so much. We’re still getting the hang of that one.

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