Bloggy “Pay it Forward”

9 January , 2011

Cat posted this pay it forward, originally started by Angel and I managed to crack the top 5! So here goes, I am paying this forward:

I promise to send something I have made with my own two hands to the first 5 people who leave a comment on this post saying they would like to take part. I’m just as curious as you are to see what it will be. 😉

Here’s how it works.

  1. The blogger posting the offer must send something to the 5 commenters before the end of 2011.
  2. What is sent to the commenters must be handmade by the blogger.
  3. The commenters who ask to take part must post the same offer on their blogs, and then send something handmade to the five commenters who ask to take part, and so on and so on.

Come now…say something…don’t be shy. (And remember to put a valid email address in so I can track you down for details on where to send your handmade surprise).



  1. Lol! I’m in! This is gonna be fun!

  2. Yay yay! Come see the page on my site and take the badge so I can link you properly!!

  3. Or just link back to here for me… pretty please: http://www.angelsmind.co.za/pay-it-forward/

  4. Ek is in. Ek moet net ‘n blog begin sodat ek dit ook kan post. Maar ek kan dit seker via email ook aan deelneem?

  5. Sorry Louisa, jy het seker my email adres maar hier is dit weer…. mcoetzee@fnb.co.za

  6. Very interesting meme, first time I’ve seen something of this nature. Wow, I would have no idea where to start when it comes to making something with my hands.

    Mind you, I could make something on the computer and print it, that’s with my hands 😉

  7. What a wonderful idea 🙂

  8. And we have our 5 😀
    Son, Angel, Michelle, Chris and Natasha…I’ll be in touch soon for postal addresses. I just have to figure out what I’m making and sending first. 😉

  9. […] op 11-1-11 is ‘n lekker nuwe tag vir ons. Ek het eerste daarvan HIER gelees en besluit om deel te neem. Die persoon wat met die oulike idee vorendag gekom het, kan jy […]

  10. […] Ek gaan dalk ‘n kameel nodig hê vir hierdie een….. Dit lyk my die jaar begin sommer met “tag”-speletjies, maar dis lekker. Maar hierdie een werk anders en ek het dit nie uitgedink nie!! Dit werk so – ek gaan jou nie “tag” nie… nee…. JY gaan JOUSELF “tag”. Want dis hoe Son dit begin het en ek het myself daar getag. Jy sal nou lees hoe dit verder werk, indien jy nog nie daar by Son gelees het nie. Sy het dit weer hier gesien… […]

  11. E

  12. I asked Toortsie, and I already know what i’n going to give!

  13. seegogga, I’m very jealous – I’m still trying to decide on something. Luckily I have all year to come up with it. 🙂

  14. Pssssst! I think I just found the idea I was looking for. 😀

    Prepare to be amazed.

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