363 – 365 of 365

1 January , 2011

Day 363

363-365-20101229616We took my grandmother out for tea of this day. There’s a new coffee shop that opened at Randridge Mall called Petit Four. Lovely place, even if it is helluva expensive! They brought Nicola her own cookie, which she promptly took two big bites off before spitting it all over their floor. She was much more keen on eating their plastic flower arrangements.

363-365-20101229622I thought it might be a good time to try a dress. She looked so cute in it, but as you can see it made her miserable – it keeps getting caught under her knees when she crawls…so we ditched it after a few minutes and spent the rest of the afternoon in a nappy only to make up for the inconvenience.

Day 364

364-365-20101230624We went for a playdate at Esmeralda’s where Nicola wreaked havoc on anything she could lay her hands on. The entire bottom two shelves on the book case for instance.

364-365-20101230629The kids discovered a puddle after the rain – they came out of it looking fairly filthy and very happy. Jumping and splashing in puddles after the rain FTW. 😀

Day 365

365-365-IMG_4433For old years’s eve we packed our passports and headed to Pretoria for a braai and sleepover at my old boarding school roomy’s house. Her daughter Hannah is three months younger than Nicola.

365-365-IMG_4432 It was unreasonably HOT there, so when Tania’s boyfriend put on the sprinkler to water the garden I decided that Nicola and I could dance around under it to cool off a bit. It was a big hit – and we were both completely soaked and cooled off after. The walking is going great, every day she gets a bit steadier as she gains some confidence in her new-found skill.

365-365-20101231648Poor baby…she had a big day and was quite exhausted. It was meant to be a quiet braai but turned out a little rowdier than I anticipated. Nicola flatly refused to sleep without me, so we both just managed to welcome the new year before turning in.

And that…my dear friends…concludes our 365 day photo challenge! It’s been quite a journey over the last year. Thanks for sharing it with us. 🙂


  1. Well done on completing this challenge 🙂

    Its been a cool journey!

  2. Its been so cute to watch her grow so quickly!
    Happy New Year to you both!

  3. Thanks guys! 🙂

  4. Great to have seen Nicola grow this year. And you will get those dresses going once the walking is in full swing.

  5. cat, i think you might be right. We tried out shoes for the first time today and managed to keep them on for 5 hours! This is a vast improvement on the previous attempt of 10 minutes. 😉

  6. I’ve been going through all the pics on all the various posts i’ve missed, as i haven’t really been keeping up on my blog reading lately. And mine is that child of your just getting more and more adorable by the day:)

  7. Thanks Ruby! 🙂 She is a real sweetheart.

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