355 – 362 of 365

29 December , 2010

Nothing like drawing your attention to the LAST three days of the year like seeing number 362 of 365 pop up, hey? 😉

Day 355

355-365-20101221561Nicola, trying to either climb through the window or chew her way out!

355-365-20101221559My dad installed a solar geyser add-on to our normal one. To be honest, I’m not loving it. The water now trickles out – no pressure, and I often end up with hardly lukewarm water to bath in…which makes me kind of cranky. I’m sure I’ve mentioned that my inner-morning-person is only activated by warm water of some sorts?

Anyway, legend has it that it actually works fine and that my dad is just playing around with some settings and timers to see what will work best. So far he hasn’t quite hit that combo yet.

Day 356

356-365-20101222566One of my colleagues has been complaining about a rat infestation at her house. I thought she might get a kick out of these marshmallow mice on her key board.

Actually I’ve been feeding my entire department left-over birthday party sugar all week – the mice just came in handy too.

356-365-20101222568Hanging with Uncle Riaan when we went out to celebrate his birthday.

Day 357

357-365-20101223572I took NewBroom to the dentist on this day. Poor woman has been sitting with a sore tooth since the beginning of December and she finally allowed me to make her an appointment with our uber dentist instead of the butcher she’s been going to. It’s a great dentist but the parking is kind of weird, not so? If someone parks behind that guy I think he’d have to levitate out of there to get away.

Anyway, NewBroom has been fixed up properly. They took care of the giant abscess that her guy just put a filling on and yanked out her wisdom tooth which was the main culprit anyway. Seriously though, who the heck puts a filling in a wisdom tooth?! Plus NewBroom is a vegetarian on top of everything else, so she’s definitely not going to need the extra teeth to tear meat off anything.

357-365-20101223573 Snooze time…

Day 358

358-365-20101224576 Saw these on the steps of a little coffee shop in the CBD and they just looked so pretty I had to take a picture.

358-365-20101224580Chilling with grandpa.

358-36520101224575Cuteness herself… 😀

Day 359

359-365-20101225584Merry Christmas!

No matter how cute she looked in the hat I could not get her to keep it on for more than a few minutes at a time…so this photo is pretty special. 😉

359-365-20101225596Investigating grandma’s new plant on the patio.

359-365-20101225601Nicola has discovered the stereo…and how to switch it on. Only thing is that she thinks she has to keep pressing buttons to make it sing. Mostly she grabs it by the two speakers and shakes her little behind to whatever’s on…even if it’s just the DJ talking. 😆

Day 360

360-365-20101226604NewBroom invited us to go feed her ducks with her, which turned out to be geese! 😆 Nicola was kind of into it as long as I was the one throwing the bread – any I gave her, she promptly ate herself. 😆

Day 361

361-365-20101227605So peaceful…

Day 362

362-365-20101228613All hail Princess Nicola – destroyer of sandcastles! 😆

362-365-20101228614 362-365-20101228615

Taking both grandparents for little walks round the house. She can now walk quite comfortably holding only one hand for a little balance help. Actually I think she’s be fine on her own already if she just believed that she could. 😉

She doesn’t walk really, she grabs your hand and starts running! It’s not easy to keep up, let me tell you. 😆



  1. babies have the best adventures, sometimes I envy them.

  2. Oh word she is cute 🙂

  3. She just gets cuter and cuter! LOVE the handbag!!!

  4. How time flies!!
    Okay- day 358, the pink bows in her hair- my absolute favourite picture of this precious little girl ever!!

  5. stylifiq, too true – everything is an adventure, because everything is brand new! 🙂

    Jeanette, you must let me know when you have a shoot free day again sometime then we’ll pop in for coffee and you can see in person. 😉

    Laura, hehehe – yeah the handbag is a nice addition. As a child I was famous for dragging around a big vanity case of dolls everywhere I went – this at least is a lot smaller.

    Angel, that is a very sweet photo of her. I may need another hard drive soon just for all Nicola’s photos though. 😆

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