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20 December , 2010

As you know, we were asked to review the new range of baby products from Pick ‘n Pay recently, and if you want to see the other posts in this range you can find them here:

This is our last post on these goodies. We have thoroughly enjoyed trying them out – so thanks again for the opportunity. 😀

The last lot of products consist of the cotton wool pleats and puffs, the baby ear buds, and the hygiene liquid.




On the hygiene liquid I can only say this: we us that kind of thing for first aid only. It smells exactly like Savlon, which is what we would usually use, or Dettol, and I have no doubt that it will be just as effective at cleaning any scrapes or cuts as Savlon is.

On the cotton pleats and puffs I had to round up some help in testing them. Nicola and I don’t really use cotton wool, not since I started washing her face with a regular facecloth instead of swabbing it with cotton wool like they showed us in the hospital anyway. My mom however does her nails on a fairly regular basis and uses loads of cotton wool.

She says that the mark of a decent cotton wool is that it doesn’t leave fluff behind which will later wreck the nail polish…and the Real Baby cotton wool is good quality stuff in that regard.

Now…as for the baby ear buds… I am intrigued. What do people use it for in general? I don’t stick anything in Nicola’s ears at all. Ever. And these ear buds don’t fit anyone else’s ears in this house.

So I decided that there MUST be a use for them – even if it was not the traditional one. Which launched me on a massive arts and crafts project. I ended up making our own Christmas cards for the family – which I think will be a real winner, and using the baby buds as paint applicators. I’m pretty sure if your kid has proper-ish hand-eye-co-ordination at a later stage you could let them loos with these instead of paint brushes if you happened to lose yours, but we only used them as applicators for this round.

That is really the only thing I could come up with to do with them, but they worked great! 😆

20101210430Messy messy messy! Hahahah, Nicola was not impressed with my idea – just so you know. She doesn’t like her hands to be dirty.

20101210432Our makeshift paint brushes/applicators. 🙂

20101212467The end product, which I think came out lovely. We personalised the front covers too and covered them in stick-on plastic after they were dry. I think they will be keepers.

Thank Pick ‘n Pay, I had a lot of fun trying our your new range. 😀



  1. very informative post. thanks. I will share this info with my fellow baby mamas 🙂

  2. Very cool!!

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