340 – 346 of 365

12 December , 2010

Day 340

340-365-20101206402We got these as a thank you gift from someone we helped out. Pretty aren’t they?

Day 341

341-365-20101207406Playing in the sandpit. Nicola thinks it’s a pretty cool idea to hand the sand to me one fist-full at a time. It’s quite sweet I think, that she’s trying to share it with me. 🙂

341-365-20101207409Every evening Nicola goes to fetch my dad to take her to the Christmas tree.

341-365-20101207412She really really loves this tree. So many things that she can reach!

Day 342

342-365-20101208415Some days you just don’t feel like going to school…

342-365-20101208416Here we are, going through the car wash (yep, the recent streak of foul weather was probably my doing). I was on my way to go pick Nicola up from school when a taxi drove into me from behind. Now usually I am very in touch with my inner road rage and would have given him a decent earful, but he was really polite about the whole thing and showed some proper remorse at having shitty brakes.

Anyway, I think he mostly bounced of my car’s protective layer of dirt…I had to have it washed to see if there was any real damage! There’s wasn’t. Just another small scratch on a panel that already sported a much more impressive dent from a bash by an Uno.

I had a little stiff neck the next day, but other that that the whole thing was actually a bit of a non-event.

Day 343

343-365-20101209420Ooooh, shiny!

Day 344

344-365-20101210421We went shopping with grandma for some of the stuff we need for next week. We’ve abandoned the pram-shopping for now, because Nicola prefers to be carried wherever at the moment. Soon I think she’ll prefer walking herself? 😉

344-365-20101210429Back home, we got stuck into a bit of gardening…which means Nicola was digging hands full of dirt out of my bonsai pots and redistributing it across the lawn.

344-365-20101210435Square eyes! I always put something on the laptop when Nicola goes to bed for a bit of background noise…usually she’s not to bothered with what it is (usually Harry Potter), but as of this week she wants to see. Here we are, moments away from a quality night’s sleep, watching Happy Feet. *Note to self: must grow animated movie collection considerably!

Day 345

345-365-20101211441The day of TWO kiddies parties in Pretoria. Sjoe! As you can imagine, many little people and tons of sugar.

345-365-20101211442Yumm… 🙂

345-365-20101211448Time to saddle up and head for our next do?

345-365-20101211449Also the day of many clean/dry outfits of course. 😉

345-365-20101211451The first party was a fairy themed affair for our little cousin Giselle’s third birthday, and the second was a fishing themed party for our other little cousin Markus’ third. His mom packed the cutest little “tackle boxes” as party packs.

345-365-20101211455I’ve seen many a deserted jumping castle at kiddy birthday parties, but luckily there were a handful of teenagers and a bottle of sunlight liquid around to make proper use of this one. Not sure how they got the plates clean but the teenagers were spotless! 😉

Day 346

346-365-20101212462Today we just took a quiet day at home, chilling with the family. You need a rest day too now and then, right?



  1. Hey Squeeza
    Sorry about the bumper bashing – I’m glad it wasn’t serious.

    We tried those nappies you gave us and they didn’t really work well. I think they’re too small for Liam because they leak right through the front fabric – not even just out the sides. So they’re not usable at night for us.

    Give Nicola a cuddle from me.

  2. Firstly, just looking at your blogpost title – WOW!! I can’t believe the year is almost over!! It flew by. So many exciting things happened this year!

    Then, glad you had an accident protector surrounding your car! And very happy it wasn’t worse than it was!

    Looking at Nicola’s pictures, and can’t believe how your meisiekind has grown. Why, just the other day she was a teeny tiny nunu newborn! Witha mob of hair, that is still as beautiful!


  3. Sunshine, thanks! And sorry about the nappies…it’s too bad they’re not working for Liam. I hope they keep working for Nicola. Cuddle has been delivered! 😉 Cuddle to Liam too.

    Tamiya, congrats on your new site. I promise I will update my links and what-not as soon as possible (which will probably only be the weekend or so). This year really has zipped by in a flash huh? As for the mop of hair…we are headed for our first haircut on Saturday. I am NERVOUS! 😆

  4. I often heck your blog and watch the progress of how Nicola is doing, she gets cuter and cuter everytime you post a picture. She seems very happy and content just by being which you are very lucky about. http://www.risingchild.com/group/viewgroup/48-All+About+toddlers if there are any concerns or things you want to discuss with other toddler moms.

  5. Thank you Jen, you’re right…I’m very lucky – she’s such a sweet kid. 🙂 And thanks for the link, I’ll definitely check it out.

  6. Chilling at home is vastly under-rated IMHO!

  7. Angel, amen to that! 🙂

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