Real Baby : Nappies and related

5 December , 2010

As I mentioned in my previous post we’ve been asked to try out the new range of baby products for Pick ‘n Pay and to share our experiences with you.

Of course the very first thing we tried was the nappies! Anyone who has little people around knows that nappies makes up the lion share of consumable expenses every month, so if you can shave a few bucks off and still get a quality product who wouldn’t jump at that chance?

I opened the bag, fully expecting to not be very mad about the contents. Very often you find that store branded goods are not on par. However I can say this quite honestly: Pick ‘n Pay, you can be proud of associating your name with these diapers any day!

20101201313At first glance they were the cutest I’ve seen. They have little animals printed on the top: monkey, frog, elephant, giraffe, hippo and something that looks like a cat of some sorts. The sides have a green trim and the white bits have leaves printed all over them.

Makes me want to teach my kid the “Bear Necessities” song from the Jungle book. Too cute. 🙂

20101201314Close-up of the monkey one…

Putting them on I can tell you that they don’t feel plastic at all, unlike some of the other alternative brands I’ve come across, and the bottom bit (or seat if you want) feels a bit stiffer than our normal brand – which is Pamper’s Active Baby. However the stiffer bottom didn’t bug Nicola at all and she was cruising and crawling around quite happily with the jungle pants.

The first nappy we tried was just before bedtime, and it did a 5 hour stretch before changing. The one elastic on the side wasn’t pulled out properly, so we did have a small leak on that one. The second nappy did the rest of the night (also more or less 5 hours) quite comfortable with no incident. I should mention perhaps that my kid drinks about 2 litres of Rooibos tea a day, and there are not many nappies that can keep up with that kind of bladder activity at night. So we are impressed. 😀

Day-time wearing was absolutely fine and the nappy did very well on dirty as well as just wet and Nicola was comfortable in them at all times.

Remember at the beginning of this post I told you that everyone likes shaving off a few rand on their nappy expenses? Well, I admit that I have no idea what these cost – but I am actually considering switching after just half of our first trial bag. They’re that good. Don’t say this too loudly, but they actually do better at night than our normal ones…

Our final conclusion on the nappies: If they cost less or even the same as our normal brand, we love them enough to make them our usual brand in future. (We actually love them so much we might even switch if they were slightly more expensive). Well done Pick ‘n Pay on a superb product.

The Wet Wipes:

20101203367 There comes a point in every mother’s life when she has to ask herself: Can you ever have enough stock of wet wipes? And the answer is of course NO! The single most useful thing you can ever throw into any bag when you have a little one, because let’s face it – kids attract dirt and sticky like it’s an Olympic sport.

We use about 4-6 packets of wet wipes a month!

Let me tell you what we love about the Real Baby wipes:

  • The smell great. There’s a bit of a fragrance but unlike some of the other brands it does not smell like a cat was involved in the wetting of the wet wipes. I don’t like heavily perfumed wet wipes, because my hands will always end up smelling like whatever the wet wipes smell like, and so will Nicola’s hands, feet, face, our clothes, table tops, pram, the car, the baby bag…you get the idea.
  • They come out easily. When you pull one out, it doesn’t automatically comes with another 5 attached. It annoys me to no end when I only have one bloody hand to yank a wet wipe out of the packet and I can’t get it to disengage from the next one in the packet. Grrr!These came out one at a time in an orderly fashion – beautiful. 🙂

The closest we’ve come to this level of satisfaction in wipes is Pigeon (our usual brand).

Our final conclusion on the wet wipes: We love them. We will happily use them or our regular brand depending on whichever is the cheapest. Another great product.

The Nappy Cream:

20101203360I wouldn’t say nappy cream, or bum cream is one of our major purchases a month – but we don’t underestimate the importance of a happy bum at all. When teething, Nicola tends to get a little bit of nappy rash, and we’ve tried some of the generic store branded bum creams before which just seemed to aggravate the situation.

Our usual brand is Fissan Bum Cream for daily use. When we have a teething rash going on we use the Herbal one from Earthbabies to clear it up in a flash.

Okay, so I was a little bit hesitant to try out the bum cream because Nicola has quite a sensitive skin when it comes to that – but my fears were unfounded. The cream went on easily, perfect consistency (I hate having to wrestle a cream that is meant to be be schmeared easily) it had a fresh but gentle smell, and absolutely no irritated skin reaction at all.

I think that it compares very well with our normal brand of every day bum cream.

Our final conclusion on the Nappy Cream: we like it, we wouldn’t mind using it or our normal brand, whichever was available and cost the least.

20101127271Hope you found this information useful? We are not being paid for this, and every opinion is from our own honest first hand experience. Watch this space for our bath and body goodies review next! 😉



  1. I also read ExMi’s blog post last week, went to buy a pack on Saturday morning, and can honestly say that I won’t be buying my previous brands anymore 🙂

    This PnP branded nappy is excellent!

  2. I also decided to try the new nappy from Pick n Pay and was very please when we woke up our first morning after an all nihgter with a dry bed as this was not of late the case with Pampers.
    Then when we started playing around in the nappy, we found baby’s pants damp and tried another nappy and then another leak. mmmmm now it makes me wonder.
    But I def love the look of the nappy and my daughter loves when I show her the anomal pictures on her nappies

  3. Mariska, so far I am also ridiculously impressed with them. I kind of regret that I’ve already bought this month’s stock pile, or I’d have switched already.

    Wendy, so far we’ve only had the one leak – but that was really my fault because I didn’t make sure that the elastic was sitting properly. Other than it’s awesomeness, my favourite part is the leaves printed on the nappy – I think that is just too cute for words.

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