333 – 336 of 365

5 December , 2010

Day 333

333-365-20101129294We’ve reached a new point in eating habits for Nicola. Little madam now INSISTS on feeding herself. It’s messy, but at least she’s having fun. I have to chop up everything into little bite size chunks because along with this new thing, she’s kind of dropped the biting off smaller chunks habit and now tries to stuff as much as she can into her mouth at once.

Oh, and the same goes for mush and semi-liquid foods. You haven’t lived until you’ve watched someone try to feed themselves soup by hand (no spoon!). 😉

333-365-20101129289Just saw this and thought it was funny. Twuble? Is that like Trouble for someone who can’t say R? 😆 Being in Twuble does look so bad either…I bet you they have aircon.

333-365-20101129295Look ma, no hands! Nicola has now just about mastered the art of standing up by herself without holding on to something. She’s so excited every time she does it – big nig smiles, and of course we cheer her on like she’s the world most gifted baby…cause you know, she is! 😀

Day 334

334-365-20101130306Compromise on Fettuccini Alfredo – Nicola allowed grandma to feed her, I think mostly because she really liked it and she got more in her mouth this way.

Day 335

335-365-20101201310 As you can see, the eating thing was pretty big this week. Here we have a little snack selection I put together, Nicola politely picked out all the vienna and cheese and left the rest for me to eat.

I better keep an eye on this behaviour or there will be no more weight loss for me!

Day 336

336-365-20101202315Feeling a bit miserable with the teeth again. Nicola cut her first two molars this week and it was rough on all of us again. Shame, I believe there are kids that breeze through teething, but mine is definitely not one of them. Every single time she teethes we hit 40’C fevers consistently. As soon as they cut thankfully everything goes back to normal. Can you just imagine what it’s going to be like for her when her wisdom teeth arrive one day?!

I’ve ordered her an amber necklace thingy from Earthbabies to try out. I’m really hoping it will help.

336-365-20101202326 336-365-20101202327

On Thursday I couldn’t take her to school because of the fever. Nicola likes to keep her hands free for crawling, so her motoring around with a ball or whatever in her mouth is a fairly common sight these days.

336-365-20101202328Oh, and we had a visit from our dear old friend Hercules too! He recently relocated to Senekal, and decided to make good on his promise to pop in when next he’s in the area. It was really nice seeing him again, and also that he finally got to meet my daughter (although Nicola was freaked out by his long hair and beard and wouldn’t go anywhere near him at all!). 😆



  1. So whats the neckalce sposed to do?!
    I used to love watching Damien feed himself… there’s such enjoyment in a baby eating his food with his own fingers!

  2. As far as I can tell it’s meant to like some sort of anti-inflammatory when it touches the skin – they don’t even have to chew on it, even though I have no doubt that Nicola will do just that! My cousin has one for her son, which her aunt sent her from Europe somewhere and she swears by it…worth a shot?

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