326 – 332 of 365

28 November , 2010

Day 326

326-365-20101122214 Nicola in her sandpit…it’s kind of funny watching her play in the dirt. She’s happy to stand outside the pit and play in it with her hands, but when you put her inside she keeps one foot in the air as much as she can to try and keep it clean.

Day 327

327-365-20101123218Snooze time…

Day 328

328-365-20101124231 Still getting up against everything in sight and just this week she’s started standing up by herself too. She gets sooo excited when she gets it right though, that she starts jumping up and down and then inevitably tumbles down again after a few seconds. The longest she did it was probably about 10 seconds – mostly because she was distracted and she didn’t realise that she had gotten up. 😆

Day 329

329-365-20101125238Trying out a few flavours of the premade Oros drinks. The orange is her favourite so far.

Day 330

330-365-20101126243 This is a look that says clearly, “Who the hell are you? And why did your mom dress you so funny?”. Nicola is not so impressed by Santa really. She actually took to it a lot better than I thought she would. One of the other babies in her class had the reaction I was expecting – one look at the man in red and bawled to the heavens. Nicola just checked him out like the cat dragged him in.

As far as the gift goes, I got her a little wagon with bucket and other sandpit gear – which she loves. She even liked the gift wrapping – but for some reason tinsel freaks her out. She won’t even touch it!

Day 331

331-365-20101127254We joined Sunshine and Liam for breakfast at the botanical gardens. Lovely weather and even better company. 😀

331-365-20101127256I tried to take a nice photo of Sunshine and Liam at the waterfall – but we got photo bombed (behold the dude that just popped in behind them). 😆

331-365-20101127262Much better!

331-365-20101127255Nicola got hold of a little container of jam…which she managed to chew open, ate about half, and then used the other half to decorate herself and of course me. I was wearing that and a fair amount of cheese curls by the end of the day.

331-365-20101127270Other than the joys of jam, Nicola also discovered the outside tap’s magic. This was to be the day of a thousand dry outfits because she just could not be kept away from this new wonder.

331-365-20101127274Aaah, and look – there’s a hose too. Truly an awesome corner of the garden as far as my daughter is concerned.

Day 332

332-365-20101128275All dressed up and waiting to let our guests in with the remote…actually she’s just chewing it, but that sounded good right?

332-365-20101128281 We had a play-date with Sam and Bailey. We were meant to swim, but as soon as we had our swimsuits on it started raining. Bailey is about two months older than Nicola and walks and even RUNS quite comfortably. Nicola was in awe of course.

332-365-20101128282 See, I’m not the only one who digs putting a fountain on their kid’s head? It’s cute…just go ahead and admit it.

332-365-20101128286 Both girls banging on the french doors trying to call the dogs over for a chat.



  1. Photobomb! haha.

    I’m getting Nicola a ton of those mini jam packets for Christmas.

  2. Gorgeous picutres.

  3. Sunshine, 😆 Don’t you dare!

    Tracey, thank you. 😀

  4. Aw man she’s just the cutest! I can’t believe how big she’s gotten!

  5. She’s such a sweet kid too Angel, I’m really very blessed.

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