320 – 325 of 365

22 November , 2010

Day 320

320-365-20101116146Bath time…

320-365-20101116147Reading grandma’s magazine’s till there’s nothing left of them.


Day 321


It’s been miserable weather all week.

321-365-20101117151Trying to stuff an entire marie biscuit in her mouth. 😆

321-365-20101117152This is the rocking horse that my parents bought Nicola. She’s still a little terrified of it, but we’re hoping she’ll grow into it. Anyhoo, the horse needs a name! All suggestions welcome, top five will be put to a vote by poll as is customary.

321-365-20101117158Helping grandpa.

321-365-20101117160 We have many many fruit trees on our property, and this year my mom decided that the apricots needed to be made into jam, and subsequently that at least some of the jam needed to become Hertzoggies. Here are the parentals busy baking up a storm on those cookies as you see.

Day 322

322-365-20101118161Still crap weather. At least I got to take a road trip from work on this day. My one colleague and I volunteered to take another colleague of ours to the airport (and have breakfast while we’re there). It was a welcome break to the usual office stuff.

Day 323

323-365-20101119168Nicola loves to take a bite of any grown-up food going around. She nibbled her way through almost half of my dad’s breakfast here – AFTER she had already had her own.

Day 324

324-365-20101120175I bought my kid a sandpit. 😀

324-365-20101120176 We had a little bit of drama at school this week: On Wednesday when I picked Nicola up she had a carpet burn on her nose. No one could tell me how she got it. By the time we had bath time she also had a nice big bruise on her forehead.

I already had a pretty good idea of what might have gone wrong. She is trying to walk or at least stand up by herself and it doesn’t always work out so well yet. I reckoned that she probably fell trying to walk, but I was very concerned that no one saw it happening. I didn’t send her to school to be ignored!

So I went to go see the principal about it, only she was on leave Thursday and Friday so I got to see the vice instead. I made them trawl through two solid days of video footage of Nicola till they could tell me how it happened, and most importantly why no one knew how.

I don’t mean to be petty about it. She’s a kid and she’s going to take tumbles. I don’t plan on launching some sort of inquisition every time she has a scuffed knee, but at the moment she’s a baby and she can’t speak for herself, and I pay so that two qualified people can see to her well-being every day. So if she falls, at the least, I want to know what happened.

From the footage it showed that she took one of those play gym frames for a walk (which it’s not designed for) and it got stuck on the carpet. Nicola and frame both had a tumble but she must not have been very phased about it because she didn’t cry, she just went on playing, which is why they didn’t notice. One teacher was busy changing another baby’s nappy and the other was busy feeding another one.

I am relieved that there is a reasonable explanation, because I really do like this school. I am also very impressed with the way they handled me when I was unhappy about it. So all good.

Day 325

325-365-20101121195Chilling with grandpa.

325-365-20101121197Warming up to the sandpit idea.

325-365-20101121203My brother and hid girlfriend came over for a breakfast braai and Nicola really wanted to help.

325-365-20101121204I tried to distract her with a fruit sock – but it was only partially successful. 😉

325-365-20101121208It was hot for a change again so Nicola got to cool off in grandma’s bucket, which she really enjoyed. She’s still a little freaked out by the size of the pool.

325-365-20101121209Chilling with grandma.

325-365-20101121211 You wouldn’t say my kid hates corn would you? 😆



  1. Gosh, she’s just so bloody cute, man!
    Re: the horse, I vote you name him Jolly Jumper, after Lucky Luke’s trusty steed… http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jolly_Jumper

  2. It’s great to be happy with her school and they did handle it well.

    My vote for the horse- Shadowfax after Ghandalf’s horse in Lord of the rings.

  3. I am glad y ou took that step to finding out …kids dont have a voice of their own and we pay a fortune for good child care

  4. I see what you are saying about the rocking horse. It is rather large. I vote for Henry, purely because “Henry the Horse” has a nice alliterative ring to it and as a journo, that pleases my little OCD soul.

    Otherwise… Seabiscuit (because it’s such a funny name it worth granting to multiple horsies) or Rabbit (because it’s not one).

  5. PS: LOVE that last pic of the two of you. Gorgeous.

    PPS: Can I borrow Grandma’s bucket?

  6. Thanks MeeA, and thanks for the suggestion. I’ll whack the poll up over the weekend.

    cat, what a cool name. Definitely making it onto the poll too. And yes, I was very happy with the way the school handled my complaint. Realistically you know at some point you’ll have artistic differences with any school, so how they resolve it is quite important.

    Somayya, I agree. It’s not about the money for me though – I’d pay everything I have as long as I am sure that she’s taken care of properly.

    Tamara, oooh! Two suggestions for the poll. Cool, thank you. 🙂 I will ask grandma for the bucket – when do you need it?

  7. Mielies are always better on the cob!!! 😛
    I am glad the school was able to provide an explanation. The cameras in schools are ingenious!! I remember fetching the knucklehead from nursery school once- I think he was 2 or 3- and he had a red bite mark on his cheek! It made his whole eye blue and bruised!! They had an idea who bit him but that was it. I was mad as hell but I couldn’t change schools as I didn’t have a car yet… 😦

  8. You have got to name the rocking horse “Binky” for Death’s horse in Terry Pratchett’s Discworld stories 😀

  9. Angel, that’s not cool at all. Not fun being stranded when you’re not convinced that it’s the best option for your child.

    Thanks for the suggestion for the horse name – I’ll stick the poll up tomorrow.

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