It’s time…

19 November , 2010

It’s time for me to buy some new clothes. It’s not even a matter of wanting to buy new clothes any more – I NEED new clothes. I haven’t really kept you guys up to date as much as I intended with the whole weight loss thing, but I’ve dropped 26kg since I’ve had Nicola (still could easily do with another 10-15 to go thought). I’m below my pre-pregnancy weight now, but let me tell you I do NOT have my pre-pregnancy shape or anything close to it – hahahaha!

Anyway, as is customary for me I always lose first and most on my legs and behind and the flab that hangs around is usually either in my middle or breast area. When I pick up it’s the exact opposite, so I will eventually look like a toffee apple on a stick? Sparrow asked me last week why I’m wearing MC Hammer’s pants…they’re that baggy now. Many I have to either wear with a belt or roll over at the top to keep them from falling off me completely.
It’s time.

And if I didn’t know it already yesterday would have confirmed it for me. I went to go pick Nicola up from school and on my way out ran into another mommy from the baby class that wanted to chit-chat. (On a side note: it kills me that I am now dispensing mommy advice like an old pro on command, just thought I’d mention that too). As I was standing talking to her about the best way to have a bath when there’s no one else around to hold the baby I suddenly realised that I was losing my bloody pants! The belt must have loosened when I bent down to pick Nicola up. Eeep! I had no hand to yank the blasted thing up with cause I had Nicola in one hand and the bag in the other. Dammit! I widened my stance, I hope without looking like a weirdo, and kept a straight face. When she left I had to walk the playground gauntlet too, still with no hands, and hope I make it to my car without flashing my kid’s entire school and thus scarring her for life! I sort of hung on to the one side of it with the bag hand but the other side was slipping badly and I felt a distinct breeze on bits of me where a breeze should not have been able to reach.

We made it to the car in record speed and pants almost not in tact…but it was way too close for comfort.

I think I know how I’m going to be spending my Saturday this weekend.



  1. Huge congrats on an awesome achievement babe!!

  2. Isnt being a mom the most glamorous thing 🙂

    26kg is freaking awesome – you DESERVE new clothes! Have fun shopping!!!

  3. Oh yeah! That is amazing loss. And you so deserve new clothes for that. You are going to look fab.

  4. HAHAHAHAH. Louisa, that is the best kind of reason to have to buy new clothes, WELL DONE!!! Please would you have a pic of you taken that shows off this *amazing* achievement, I am in awe!

  5. Oh that is so funny, good going girl well done! I noticed it the other day and should have commented sorry man. Wow, what an achievement 🙂

  6. Yip, you definitely need new clothes! Congrats on the weightloss!!!

  7. Thanks guys…I’m quite happy about it but I can’t really take the credit, since I didn’t actually *do* anything to help it along. All credit goes to Nicola, for acting up whenever I aim something at my mouth. 😉

    Ps! Don’t believe, before and after shots? I think I might be able to do that somehow. Gimme a few days, I’ll whip something together.

  8. Love it!

  9. Jax, 😀 me too! I managed to buy the non-MC-Hammer-pants last weekend and wore them all week. It was nice, I got compliments on my appearance EVERY SINGLE DAY. I must have looked like a bag lady before, but I’m choosing not to think about that too much. 😉

  10. LOL, huge congratulations! Thats so awesome!

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