305 – 306 of 365

3 November , 2010

Day 305

305-365-201011012162The day everyone in JHB stared into the sun.

305-365-20101101067Nicola having a laugh at the jelly hearts I made her. Refuses to eat them, but she loves to stick her fingers in it at least.

Day 306

306-365-201011022165Behold the jelly hearts. This would probably look better in red?

306-365-201011022167Outside playtime. 🙂

Update on the sick: we’re still sick. Not sure if I told you about the ear infection Nicola had? Anyway, we may or may not have another, or still the same one, or she’s teething again, or tired? Why does everything have an ear pulling indication?! Oh yes, and we each had a spin with the wicked tummy bug that’s been going around…not pretty.

Also the flu looks like it’s sort of back. Poor kid coughs a lot and you can hear the phlegm when she breathes. So tomorrow we’re going to the physio to see if they can knock some of it out. I am not putting her through another course of antibiotics because clearly it’s pointless. It doesn’t make her better. I just hope this will help and make her feel better.

She’s been a bit miserable this week. But even when she’s not feeling great she’s still the cutest baby in the world. Looks like she’s got the “mamma” word down now, and she even uses it to call me from time to time. 😉



  1. She’s looking gorgeous – what a little moppet

  2. nursemyra, thank you! 😀

  3. Awe…too cutesy:)

  4. Wow, your sundog pictures is possibly the best of the lot I have seen. Truly better than even most of the professional ones.

  5. Rubyletters, 😀

    cat, 😆 thank you! It was taken with the same phone I do all my others with, my trusty old N95. Only for this short I was dangling halfway off the second story smoking balcony.

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