303 – 304 of 365

3 November , 2010

Day 303

303-365-201010302138Shopping with grandma. 🙂

303-365-201010302143Back at home – trying to share her marshmellow cone with some of her toys. My kid likes sharing. 😀

303-365-201010302144My frangipani is blooming! For the first time in I think about 5 years since I’ve had it. This poor plant has been carted across the entire country and it’s finally decided that it likes this particular spot enough to show me what colour flowers it has. I am so excited!

303-365-201010302147Unpacking her crate of soft toys. The game is: Nicola unpacks, mommy packs, Nicola unpacks, mommy packs. Not just the soft toys. Sometimes mommy changes the rules and just kicks out of the way and to hell with the packing.

303-365-201010302149Saw this in a toy catalogue and thought WTF?! Who?! buys their kid a laundry station for Christmas?! Just get them a rock…might as well.

303-365-201010302151Snooze time…

Day 304

304-365-201010312155Depending on how you look at this she is either making beautiful percussion music, or beating the coffee table with a wooden spoon – as you do. I think it’s the music, cause it’s accompanied by singing. 😉

304-365-201010312159Sleeping kissy face…



  1. “Just get them a rock”… ha ha ha, to true. Extra nice that, obvs, it’s a girl who’s doing the ironing. Just marvellous stuff for equality.

  2. Don’t believe, I don’t think they thought this one through nicely.

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