298 – 302 of 365

3 November , 2010

Day 298

298-365-201010252105 Trying to figure out how to open drawers.

Day 299


Day 300

300-365-201010272121 We very briefly tried out shoes on day 300. Nicola was fascinated with them, in a how-can-I-chew-on-this way, but they pinched her so we took them off soon enough.

300-465-201010272118 Bath time conversations with the duckies.

Day 301

301-365-201010282124At work, they are constructing a new office literally 3 meters from where I sit. The noise and dust has been quite spectacular, not to mention the paint fumes. I am very much over it to be honest so I spend as much time away from my desk as possible.

301-365-201010282133Playing peekaboo!

Day 302

302-365-201010292135I still think my kid rocks this look, even though Sparrow says I make her look funny when I do this. 😉

302-365-201010292137On Friday one of our colleagues left so we had a little farewell to send him off. We had this Captain Crowbar T-shirt made especially for him in honour of his magnificent Power Point Presentation manipulation skills. And why yes, that situation in his hand is a “magic wand” a.k.a an actual crowbar with loads of shiny ribbons on it. 😀


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