291 – 297 of 365

24 October , 2010

Day 291

291-365-201010182070 Poor sick baby…you can see that she’s feeling terrible.

Seriously, it feels like we’re just ricocheting from illness to the next at the moment. Is that normal?!

I.am.tired. and I feel like the world’s worst mom because my kid is always crying and feeling miserable about something or another.

I.am.angry. because I keep my baby at home when she’s sick and other people don’t follow the same rules of engagement. I am in fact not just angry about this…I am pissed off. I feel like the next person I see with a sick kid anywhere near mine might get their face punched in pre-emptive retaliation.

Anyway…just thought I’d put it out there. Use it, don’t use it. And if you bring your snot-nose near my munchkin don’t be surprised when I deck you.

There. That feels better now. Not healthy to bottle up I hear.

Day 292

292-365-201010192072I took Nicola to the doctor on Tuesday morning and he said that she had a stomach bug and an upper respitory tract and throat infection. Her fever cycled between 37 and 40 for daaaays, and of course we got little to NO sleep.

This picture above is our favourite past-time when we have sick days. Nicola loves MTV and jiggling her bottom to the tunes. 😉 It’s the little pleasures, right?

On a side note: have you noticed how many Usher songs are on MTV at the moment. I’m not kidding when I say that one day the same song was playing on 2 of the channels at the same time! We are now a little bit Ushered-out.

292-365-201010192073Still feeling pretty horrible.

292-365-201010192074Wild irises we have growing in our garden.

Day 293

293-365-201010202076 Still feeling awful.

Day 294

294-365-201010212077Woot! The day the fever finally broke. Little did we know that even though we thought we had reached the finish line of this particular sicky, we had just reached the halfway mark.

Day 295

295-365-201010222084After Nicola’s first day back at school she had a little surprise for me at bath time.

Yip…a back full of spots. Tiny little red spots. The moment I saw them I already knew, but I called my mom just to confirm.

German measles…we haz them.

I’m not going to include the Wikipedia link for you – you probably already know plenty about Rubella (german measles). Anyway, let me tell you that even though you might think that a person can only get this once, it’s not true. I’ve personally had it at least 5 times already. At least every time you get it, it’s in a lighter grade.

She’s not feeling too terrible at the moment, that comes before the fever breaks, but she will be contagious for another week or so. I’ve let everyone know who we’ve seen in the last week, and I’ve also notified the school. Even though Nicola’s spots will most likely be gone by Monday, but I know some of the moms at the school are pregnant and I would definitely want to know if I was in that position.

Not sure what my work will think of me staying at home with Nicola again – but I guess that’s a bridge I’ll have to burn when I get to it (tomorrow).

Day 296

296-365-201010232085My little spot-belly-tea-pot. 😉 She’s drinking a helluva lot of tea. If there was a tea drinking contest my kid could enter and beat everyone without even trying extra hard. I should probably put the brakes on that somewhat, but after the tummy bug of this week I’m just glad she didn’t dehydrate.

296-365-201010232088 Walking round with grandpa…singing and snuggling.

296-365-201010232089Still not feeling all that good really.

Day 297

297-365-201010242090Nicola woke up this morning feeling terrible. No fever, but she’s obviously in pain somewhere. Wish I spoke baby so I could try to make it better for her.

This has not been the funnest week ever.

I have to keep reminding myself that I can do this…we’ll get through it… and everything is going to be okay.

Ps! I’d just like to offer a final f_ck you to all the people who don’t keep their sick babies at home. May the fleas of a thousand camels infest your hard to reach places, that is all.



  1. Poor little sausage! Im so sorry that you’re both going through this. This has been a very sicky year for a lot of people. Just keep building her immune system up and keep her on vitamins permanently at the moment. We all had chicken pox when Bradley was a baby, not at the same time but one at a time one after the other. And I agree with you about moms with sick kids allowing them to mingle. My mom kept us away from sick kids and we had very few childhood illnesses and I tried to do the same with my kids but unfortunately the schools and daycares are impossible to avoid these days. Hope Nicola gets through this soon.

  2. Momcat, yeah it’s been rough. And it’s not fun seeing her suffer and not being able to do anything to make her feel better…which is why I guess it makes me so aggressive that other people can be so careless.

  3. Shame man, poor little munchkin 😦
    Hope you get sleep soon

  4. Thanks Jeanette. 🙂

  5. Poor little nunu, it sucks when they’re sick. I hope she feels better really soon and that you both manage to get some good sleep too. (hugs)

  6. Awwww cuz! 😦 I wish I could give you a massive hug right now (even though you’re not the touchy-feely type). You are a fantastic mom with a daughter who adores you. I’m sure she knows that you’d do anything for her, even though you don’t always have the answers. One day you’ll both look back on this and she’ll smile and tell you she loves you for sticking through it and it’ll all be worth it 🙂 xoxo

  7. Agh shampies man Louisa – she looks so sad 😦

    I felt the same way in June/July when Cameron was sick pretty much constantly! Its the WORST thing!

    Hope she is right as rain asap!

  8. Hey Suze! Sorry to hear about your crap week. I also had the upper tract respiratory throat infection thing going and I can just imagine how horrible it is if your too young to understand wtf is happening. Hope it goes better soon, stay strong. Will see you soon – as soon as everyone’s healthy again!!!

  9. Ah man! I am so sorry to hear that Nicola isn’t feeling well again.


    Missing you from Japan.

  10. Sharon, looks like she’s on the mend now at last. Actually I can’t remember the last time she’s been as energetic as she’s been this week! 😀

    arkwife, thanks cuzz… 🙂

    Laura, poor kid. Looks like she had an ear infection too which I obviously missed. Now that that’s also cleared up she feel a million times better thank goodness.

    Jax, thanks buddy. How are you feeling now? Better I hope.

    Freddy, miss you too! Are you looking forward to your first white winter? When do we get to see some photos?! *big hug*

  11. Man, you guys have had it rough with bugs lately. Poor baby! Poor mama! I hope she’s well again soon. I can’t believe parents send their sick kids to school where they know they’ll infect all the other littlies. Chops.

  12. Tamara, chops indeed! I’m keeping my smack-hand ready for the next one I see.

  13. I feel exactly the same way about people and sick kids. Sorry to hear about the German Measles, poor little monkey

  14. I HATE it when people are that insensitive and i don’t even have a baby! as a grown up i don’t even go close to a baby if i’ve got hayfever…just in case it’s not hayfever and possibly the start of something else. Shame lady…you’ve had a quite a week…hope your little one is better soonest!

  15. Fairy Girl, thanks… 😆 since then we’ve done a tummy bug, another ear infection and we’ve got flu again. I give up.

    Rubyletters, thanks lady. I really hope she gets better soon too.

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