275 of 365

8 October , 2010

It was a big photo day so it gets it’s own post. 😉

Day 275

275-365-201010021940 Grandpa volunteered to hold Nicola while I packed the car. This look you see here I think is the family “what the heck are you doing?” look.

275-365-201010021941 We had plans to meet Kwaailappies at the Botanical Gardens for lunch and we got there a bit early (no small feat if you know how much co-ordination it required to get anywhere on time with a baby). He was running a bit late though so we ended up having a bit of time to stroll around first. The gardens are full of flying green grasshoppers at the moment, also plenty of butterflies and the odd tortoise here and there. This particular one about Nicola’s size. I was a little hesitant to let her get too close to it, looked like a temperamental animal to me who was clearly on a mission and not in the mood to be interrupted.

275-365-201010021944The gardens are not a cool place to hang out if you have an aversion to brides. During the course of the afternoon we saw at least 5 different wedding parties there. One bunch came singing and dancing out the restaurant – Nicola quite enjoyed that and gave them an enthusiastic round of applause and “Na-na-na-na”s.

I packed some toys and books for her to play with and unfortunately she managed to get her finger pinched in the book at some point which led to very loud howling and most of the restaurant glaring at me like I pinched her or something. Luckily a teething biscuit on mommy-makes-it-all-better-kisses was all it took to buy forgiveness.

275-365-201010021946Cheese curls – we approve.

275-365-201010021948Showing off her wet wipe to Kwaailappie’s girlfriend N.

275-365-201010021949My guru and close friend, Kwaailappie.

275-365-201010021950Crawling and getting up against everything in sight. I had all my days trying to keep the bloody grasshoppers out of the pram. I really don’t want Nicola chewing on one of those critters.

275-365-201010021955After a long day of sun, fun and cheese curls it was time to go home and test the new bath toys we got this month. They’re little dolphins. Sparrow keeps moving them to the other side of the tub…I think he finds them intimidating, but he claims it’s something to do with him being left handed? 😉 I’ve allocated a bath toy basket which seems to be doing the trick now.

There really are a lot of bath toys now…which is kind of funny cause Nicola’s favourite things to play with are the sponge and the face cloth. 😆



  1. Looks like a fun day in the sun 🙂 She really is getting so big Louisa!

  2. Babies are so funny with their toy choices! Gift wrapping, boxes, chip packets… everything except what you’ve bought for them!
    As for the Botanical Gardens and brides… well… 😛

  3. Laura, I’m amazed every week with the new things she learns. I can’t believe my little used-to-be-squishy is almost a year old already.

    Angel, her favourite things at the moment is anything that makes a noise and preferably something that she hasn’t seen before or that has a off limits vibe to it. 😆

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