256 – 262 of 365

20 September , 2010

Day 256

256-365-201009131847 Day 257

257-365-20100914127Taking me for a stroll…

Day 258

258-365-201009151850After two weeks of having her nose constantly wiped, Nicola made the most of the opportunity to take her revenge on the box of tissues. She took them all out, one handful at a time, then she’s give them a vigorous shake and a stern talking to before throwing them as far as possible.  😆

Day 259

259-365-201009161857 Snooze time…

Day 260

260-365-201009171860The start of some great dental health habits.

Day 261

261-365-201009181862My little cookie-moster. 😀 My mom gave Nicola an Oreo and she LOVED it! She was covered in chocolate from ear to ear and even somehow managed to get crumbs stuck on her back.

261-365-201009181866Chilling on the lawn at J&B’s house. After she had her fruit for lunch I gave her a few cheese curls as a treat. Later on madam crawled over to the baby bag and liberated the rest of them still in there. She shook the packet and spread them all over the lawn and then crawled after each one and ate it. Saturday night she was sooo tired and my mom joked and said that it was probably because she had to hunt her own food. 😉

Day 262

262-365-201009191871 Investigating the wheels on the pram.

262-365-201009191879 One exhausted baba. We had a lovely breakfast with Wanette and then went to Phillygirl ‘s for a visit and to see the bunnies. Unfortunately the bunnies were having afternoon naps – but we had a great time anyway. Poor baby was so exhausted by the time we got home and even though I covered her in 50SPF sun-block before we went out she still managed to go a bit red.

This bum in the air thing is new. It is now her preferred way to sleep. I try to tip her over once she’s asleep and she just goes straight back into this position. Oh well…*shrug*, the monitor will have to keep an eye then, because she is determined to not only sleep on her tummy now but mostly to sleep with her face buried in the cushions too.



  1. I slept exactly like that when I was a baby and apparently it is quite safe. Well, I’m still here to tell it 😆

  2. My one little boy loves that position too. I know I always say it, but she is the most gorgeous baby.

  3. Gosh, that little girl just gets cuter & cuter!
    As for the sleeping position, don’t sweat it – she won’t smother herself!

  4. She is just getting soo cute:-)

  5. Aw I can’t believe how she’s crawling all over the place!

  6. All my baby photos where I was asleep are bum-in-the-air 😉

    Oreos are awesome. Who can blame the kid for wanting to cover herself in their chocolatey goodness?

    Hehehe… hunting for her own food. Awesome.

  7. Little Logan is still not crawling only moving around on her bumpie. Hey, how green is that grass – looks fab – ours is dead and awful, sorry I had to norice 🙂

  8. Son, I’ve decided tos top panicking about it anyway. She’s obviously comfy that way and as long as the monitor keeps an eye on her I won’t stress it.

    cat, aaaw thank you! 🙂

    MeeA, thank you! 🙂

    Briget, thank you! 😀

    Angel, she really MOVES! And I can tell, it’s not going to be long before she takes a liking to running.

    Tamara, she’s a little cookie monster. She looooves them, all except the baby ones, I don’t think they have enough sugar for her liking.

    Fairy Girl, she’ll get there when she’s ready. Nicola swam around for ages before she figured out how to get her crawl on. We have a borehole and a automated sprinkler system. 😉

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