246 – 255 of 365 (sans 252)

12 September , 2010

There is no day 252 because it’s been THAT kind of week really…

Day 246


With Grandpa.

Day 247

247-365-201009041791 Sick baba…I’ll tell you all the tales of woe at the bottom of the post this week I think.

247-365-201009041793With Great-Grandma.

Day 248

248-365-201009051800Playing with Tupperware on the kitchen floor while I wash bottles.

Day 249

249-365-201009061801Sick sick baby…

249-365-201009061807Playing with Uncle Riaan.

Day 250

250-365-201009071809Pretty flowers at the school gate – this is Wisteria, right?

250-365-201009071810Really not feeling well – at this point only sleeping when I hold her.

Day 251

251-365-201009081813Day 253

253-365-201009101827We were going to go away this weekend, but had to cancel because Nicola was too sick. Here she is helping me unpack the toy bag. 🙂

Day 254


Pain and fever meds…

254-365-201009111829Loads of sponge baths to try and break that fever.

254-365-201009111830Sick sick sick baby…


254-365-201009111839Day 255

255-365-201009121841 Crawling!

255-365-201009121842Feeling much better at last.

255-365-201009121845With Grandma.

255-365-20100912123Not sure if this is meant to be a petting zoo at Lifestyle Centre, but we were better anyway. 😀

Ramble time:

This has been one rough-rough week. Last week Saturday night we ended up making a little visit to the Olivedale ER because Nicola was getting fevers of up to almost 40’C and I was besides myself with worry. Also I hadn’t slept in about 3 days because she refused to sleep unless I was holding her.

There we encountered a brilliant but fairly snooty doctor. He asked me what pain and fever meds I was giving her and then crapped me out for not giving her enough. Apparently when the box says give 0,6ml a person should know that actually means 4ml? Anyhoo, he said that she was probably suffering from a viral infection and that since the mucus was clear we needn’t give her antibiotics yet. He sent us on our merry way with three boxes of Ponstan suppositories.

It actually looked like she was getting over it at that stage.

Then on Wednesday she woke up with not-clear mucus and gummed up eyes. Someone I work with’s kid had pink eyes so I decided this called for a visit to the pead. Our baby doc had a look at the notes from the ER, concurred with their assessment, and sent us on our way with eye ointment and nose drops. He said the mucus was probably old and just draining and as long as the fever didn’t come back he believed that she was over it. If the fever came back we would probably have to go with antibiotics.

Even at this point it looked like she was kind of getting better…except for the eyes, which was a new development.

I made plans for us to go to Nylstroom for the weekend – very exciting. I cannot actually tell you how much I needed that trip. Anyway…

Friday afternoon the school phoned. Fever was back with a vengeance. So I raced through to pick her up. Obviously a trip was not on the cards and she was now sick again. I was hoping that we could break the fever and she’d start feeling better at some point.

It went like this: she’d hit 40’C, I’d give her the ponstan (which she can only have every 8 hours), I’d give her a sponge bath to cool her down, she’d drop down to about 36’C within half an hour or so, 7 or 8 hours later she’d hit 40’C again – rinse and repeat.

By Saturday night, she started not dropping down so quickly anymore and also not taking 7 or 8 hours to get back up to 40’C again. At about 3am I decided that we might as well go to the ER again – it’s not like I was sleeping anyway, I was taking her temp every 15 minutes to see if I needed to give her another sponge bath. Poor kid, she is a very clean baby now.

Here we encounter the next snooty doctor. Everyone else was also sick and very very tired by this time so when he started mouthing off at us my mom actually went to go sit in the waiting area just not to smack him. Apparently 40’C temps that won’t come down or stay down is not a reason to go to ER with a baby and keep a doctor awake when he wanted to be sleeping or catching up with his paperwork. At this point Nicola had also started coughing, the mucus was going all colours, the fevers were raging, her nose started bleeding from the constant wiping and I was at my wits end.

At least he did an X-ray of her lungs and assured us that she was not experiencing any issues there. Then he gave her baby antibiotics and not forbid (but strongly advised against) me bringing her back to the ER within the next 48 hours even if the fever didn’t break. The doctor reckons that a fever can also be a good thing. I think he’s in for a surprise if he thinks I’m not going to try and get it to come down anyway.

I did not sleep, bath, even brush my bloody teeth…all I did was measure temperature and hold my baby, and every now and then give her more meds, more tee, more sponge baths, less clothes, more humidifier, and waited.

Roughly 24 hours later her fever broke – AT LAST! I actually have no words to explain to you how happy I am about that. Last night we even slept! And today she was her lively smiling self again. 😀

On top of all this drama, the poor kid also cut 4 teeth at the top during the course of the week (I think I’ve mentioned some of them already). She now has 9 teeth to smile with.

I am not only going grey at a rate of knots, but my hair is actually falling out hand-fulls at a time, either because the stupid flu that’s been raging through our house finally got me, coupled with the stress of the last week, coupled with the change of seasons? I dunno, but I might be bald by next weekend at this rate!

I’m just happy she’s feeling better now…



  1. Shame chick, sounds like a rough one indeed. Hope this next one is smooth sailing all round for all of you! 🙂

  2. She’s gorgeous 🙂 glad her fever broke.
    Seriously though, Olivedale has the WORST reputation ito ER. All my friends have complained, not one has had a good experience there. Flora is much better equipped to handle babies and kids according to my brother – the only one in the area apparently.

  3. Oh Louisa, I actually wiped a tear looking at these photos of sick little Nicola. I can just imagine how hard it must’ve been for you!

    I’m glad she is better!

    I laughed at your last paragraph, because I actually discovered my first grey hair this weekend (I’m sure my 8.5 month old monkey is responsible for this!) AND my hair is finally growing back after it fell out in clumps after my pregnancy.

    I have been using a shampoo called Nisim and I PROMISE it works. I have short regrowth all over my head! It’s not that expensive. If it wasn’t for Nisim I think I would have 3 hairs on my head right now!

    Good luck and enjoy your little monkey!


  4. I am soo glad that she is feeling better. Thank you for popping by on Sunday I really, really appreciate it. BTW you are looking lovely, you have lost a lot of weight “you go girl”

  5. shame, poor little girl. glad she’s feeling better now, and i hope you are too. wishing you guys some restful, peaceful sleep soon.

    nine teeth? wow. and crawling? ALREADY? wow. just the other day i was a your babyshower, and now she’s practically a grown-up.


  6. That’s a really sweet pic of grandpa and granddaughter. Lovely!

    p.S. Springs a nice time to shave your head…kinda.

  7. That’s what kids do – they make you grey and let your hair fall out – for the next 20 odd years! And still we love them! 😆

  8. Poor little thing! Sounds like she really reacts badly to cutting a tooth!

  9. Poor Nicola! And poor you. I’m glad she’s finally ok now. Here’s to a much happier week ahead.

    Beautiful wisteria pic, btw.

  10. Rox, thanks – keep your fingers crossed. It’s 2 hours till Wednesday and we haven’t had another ER trip yet. *touch wood* 😉

    Jeanette, strange…I heard Flora was terrible for babies, granted that was a few years ago so they could have upped their game I guess. We’ll give it a shot if we need to go again, but let’s hope I don’t get to find out.

    Anon, I’ll grab some on my next Dischem run. My hair didn’t fall out after the pregnancy, I was kind of prepared for it to do that since all the books mention it. Maybe my follicles have a delayed reaction?

    Fairy Girl, thank you! 😀 I’m down 19kg so far (was meant to be 30 by now but shhhh don’t tell anyone). It was great seeing you again too.

    ExMi, can you believe that in about 3 months my girl will turn 1! It’s happening right in front of me and I still can’t believe it.

    Don’t believe, 😆 I actually kind of like that idea. I don’t really have the skull to make it look pretty though, but it’s bound to be a novel experience.

    Oggend son, true. The job comes with a lot of STRESS but one smile that lights up the room and it all seems worth it. I can’t imagine my life without her in it.

    Angel, I’m really hoping that’s all there is to it. How many teeth do they get anyway? If she keeps popping them out 2 or 4 at a time we must be getting close to the end of this chaos, right?

    Tamara, thank you. 🙂 Those flowers are so pretty, I couldn’t resist. I wish I could plant some here in our garden but my dad has a phobia against them for some reason. You get the tree-Wisteria and the vine one, the one he thinks will tear bricks apart and the other one’s roots the pipes.

  11. Louisa, I’m not ever around often enough to be a commenter, but I read you through Reader all the time.

    Your baby girl is just precious. And I see on Twitter that you got Mama’d this morning. You’re so blessed my friend, I’m very happy for you.


  12. SheBee, thanks lady! 🙂 I really am very blessed.

  13. Bluddyhell. Well done for getting through that! Not sure I could handle the stress of a sick kid! Now I understand why my folks make such a big deal of when I was sick as a baby! I can just imagine the euphoria of when she really did start to get better! I hope she stays better!

  14. Champs, thanks lady…so far so good. I was so relieved when she finally started getting better. 😀

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