241 – 245 of 365

4 September , 2010

General ramble, and then some photos? Cool… let’s do that. 😉 Grab some coffee, it’s a whopper.

Mmmm, let me see – where to begin? Well, Nicola has gone back to school starting the 1st of September. So far it looks like she’s having a blast, so I’m happy. I think that she’s ready now for the social interaction part of it, she really was just way too young the first time around.

The school phoned me on her first day (twice), once in the morning to let me know that she hasn’t cried at all and that she’s having a good time playing with all the toys and oggling all the other kids with her big eyes (also the teacher can’t get over her hair), and the second time to let me know that she refused to eat fruit after lunch. Turns out that they were trying to give her apple – so no surprise there – hahaha, I should have warned them I guess? Yesterday she didn’t want to eat cereal so I have a vague suspicion they tried to feed her oats.

Shame, she was so tired after her first day that she fell asleep 3 hours earlier than usual and only surfaced again at 3am the next morning. Luckily a bottle and a quick nappy change and she was off to lala-land again till a more decent hour (like 5:30am when we usually get up).

It’s so cute to watch her little face when we get to the school in the morning. When she sees other kids running around she hangs over my shoulder and calls out a “Hey!” to them. I’m at peace with the whole thing, I know she’s ready and I know the school is “the one” so I’m not stressed at all. My poor mom and my gran both actually took it a lot harder than either me or Nicola.

I’m so glad it’s spring now and that the weather is also spring/summer-like. There’s a whole drawer of previously untouched clothes that I can dress her in now. And before you go off thinking that’s she’s my own little fashion doll I should tell you about the dressing ritual we have. Every day I show Nicola two outfits and she “chooses” the one she likes most. That’s what she ends up wearing then…well, once I manage to manouvre her into it at least. Does everyone else’s kid also think getting dressed is like a personal crime against them? She seriously does not like putting clothes on! It’s a mission some days, I hope she’ll get used to it eventually. At least now it’s not loooong sleeves all the time on top of everything else, because she really gets quite worked up when her hands disappear down those.

The biggest Nicola news this week is that she managed to crawl forward for the first time last night. She was sooo excited when she realised what she was doing, squeeeling and trying to move all legs and hands at the same time to keep going. I have never seen anyone that excited before about anything. A magical moment really. It’s still only sort of by accident at the moment that she gets it right, but I reckon by the end of the weekend I’ll be battling to keep up with her.

My girl is just about mobile! Can you believe it? 😀

Work is work. Of course I can’t really elaborate you know, it’s all top secret as usual. I must say that the team is coming together quite nicely though – next week we get a new member and again at the beginning of October another one. I hope they gel well with everyone that are already settled in.

The bane of my existence at work at the moment is this monstrous f-ing spreadsheet I have to compile on costs and expected costs for the biggest project we’re busy with. I have to pick apart and magic together something which the Finance department won’t touch with a stick. I can already tell you that it’s going to either look pretty or be accurate, most definitely not both. May the force be with us all.

The flexi-hour business is still looming – but it doesn’t look like it’s looming too closely at least. Just so you know – I’m all about the plan B. Nuff said.

Traffic too and from work are just killing me. I’m very happy that it’s nice and hot now until I remember that I have no bloody aircon and I am stuck in my car for roughly three hours a day. Good times…the other day I lent my car to Sparrow for the day, which entailed him having to sprawl himself over the two back seats of my car for the school run and the work run. It was really funny to see – pity he wouldn’t let me take a photo. His words to me were somewhere along the lines of , “How do you live like this?!” Well-yes-no-fine, my car might not have aircon, power-steering, central locking, abs, seatbelts of any significant value in the back, or airbags – but it’s mine and it’s paid off and until I can buy another one without taking out a loan it’ll have to do. (I should also just mention that it hardly has any maintenance costs, runs on a whiff of fuel, and the insurance is ridiculously cheap for JHB). It’s the little engine that could, and that has been for the last 10 years now. I think when I do get round to buying a new car I should go for a red or a silver one this time. For some reason I have only ever owned blue cars?

Home – We need more cap. We always need more cap. This time round I can comfortably say it’s not me capping us out all the time because I hardly get any internet time when Nicola’s awake and when she’s asleep I’m probably passed out right next to her. Between software upgrades and downloads this past month we burned through about 8 or 9 gigs in our house. Some of that was my dad – he upgraded something or another that took two full days to download! (and after all that i don’t actually think it’s working properly yet – hahahaha!)

Ooooh, and we’ve switched on the heat pump for the pool. There will be swimming soon even though not quite like last year when I was entering whale season. I am really looking forward to it. Diablo, our husky, of course thinks that the pool is his very own heated water bed now with the cover on it. And that’s where he sleeps most of the time. It’s a really cool cover – I don’t blame him. It’s rated to keep 150kg of man/beast out of the water and it keeps the heat in the water which saves us loads on our electricity bill. I think mostly it keeps the pool at a nice 25’C – 30’C at night when in full swing.

My mom is baking birthday and wedding cakes left, right and centre at the moment. The one cake I am really keen on showing you is the wedding cake for Sunshine’s brother’s wedding which is happening this weekend. The figurines on top of the cake are really a bit special – they have weapons! 😆

My dad is on a mission. It’s driving me a bit batty to be honest. I get regular lectures on the best way to use the tumble drier, not let moisture get into the kitchen cupboards, not to let Nicola choke on anything she tries to chew, not to eat anything in our room that could attract ants and so on and so on…I know he has really good intentions and all that, but it makes me feel a bit like a naughty child at times. Oh well, it’s his house – I guess he gets to make the rules. One day I will have my own castle to lord over too (one can only hope).

Talking about castles, my baby brother bought one of his own which he should be lording over by December if all goes according to plan. That’s pretty cool huh? It will be his third place of residence in a year – I think I’m going to get him a really odd looking ornament for a housewarming gift this time round. He just kills plants slowly so no use getting him one of those. Or maybe I’ll get him some cool fridge magnets or something? He has also sent word that he now sports a new girlfriend, everyone gets to meet her tomorrow and we’ve been instructed not to embarrass him. 😉

I think my gran is going home this weekend, but she’s agreed to come help out again in December when the schools close from the 10th to the 5th of January. Shame, I actually think she’s looking forward to just doing her own think again for a bit. I know she has a CT trip in the pipe-line for September.

Speaking of September trips in the pipe-line, I am taking Nicola to Nylstroom on a little fieldtrip next weekend to go visit Denise and her family. I am really looking forward to it! (although I think I might need to start packing on Monday already if I want to get away on time to have an actual weekend away).

Sparrow: will soon be joining a new company (again), actually like a new old company because since he got to JHB he’s been hopping between different branches of the same two companies, depending on commission structures available. Seriously, it will make you dizzy if you watch it long enough. Round the house he’s been pretty scarce since he bought himself a new laptop and got stuck into a world of series watching. Over weekend he mostly goes to his friend W’s house and comes home on a Sunday…usually a bit broken. (I’m wearing my no comment face – but I will say this: W has white pointy shoes, make of that what you will).

Me – I’m doing pretty damn good I think. Just so busy busy busy. Can’t say what with though, I never seem to get anything done, but I’m BUSY. I’ve decided that since Nicola is a bit bigger now and there are so many friends in far(ish) off places that are always inviting us to come visit for a weekend or whatever I’m going to try doing a little trip at least once a month or once every two months even. Some of the places that I’d love to go show her we’ll have to wait a bit longer for though, but I think it will be cool memories for her when she grows up – you know road trips and visits all over.

Day 241

241-365-201008301760As you can see, she’s not the biggest fan of juice boxes.

241-365-201008301761Poor Tiggy, she’ll soon have to find a more hard to reach spot to take her naps I think.

Day 242

242-365-201008311763Definitely spring. 🙂

242-365-201008311764My happy baby. 😀

Day 243243-365-201009011765Never take the middle lift…it gets borked often…sometimes with people in it,

243-365-201009011767Nicola after her first day at the new school – I think it’s a winner. I meant to twitpic this one but ended up accidentally posting the violets – only Sharon noticed before I had a chance to delete it again. 😆


Day 244

244-365-201009021771This guy missed a spot – but didn’t find it helpful when I told him. 😉

244-365-201009021773Day 245

245-365-201009031774On our way to school. One of the other babies who is as bold as an egg was so fascinated with Nicola’s fountain he stole the elastic and wouldn’t give it back. 😆 Shame…I said he could keep it, we have a whole drawer full.

245-365-201009031776This is the view from our new spot in the building. New-Broom says she’s not comfortable being that close to John Voster Square – I didn’t know what she meant (actually initially I thought she was talking about the square parking lot). Apparently the building was known for the amount of people that “jumped” to their deaths there.


245-365-201009031782Wedding cake figurines with a difference.

245-365-201009031784Sunshine’s brother’s wedding cake.

245-365-201009031785 Sick baby – looks like it took three days to pick up a wet nose at school. I guess it’s part of growing up – you have to build your immune system somehow, right?

I’ve lost all feeling in my one arm and I haven’t slept in days. If I put her down she wakes up and she starts crying. I really hope she feels better tomorrow, my poor munchkin.

Well…this certainly turned into a monstrously long post? Hope you have a super-cool weekend kids.


  1. I can’t believe I missed our annual ASS day celebration. It was very weird thinking that the 1st of September is the start of Autumn over here!

    The cake is awesome, where did your mom find the Final Fantasy 7 figurines? I have been in Japan for over a month and I haven’t seen much to do with the series!!!

    I hope Nicola feels better soon, it’s not cool being sick like that!

  2. Yeah, ASS day just wasn’t the same. 😦

    Sunshine found those figurines, but the are cool aren’t they?

    Nicola looks a bit better today – although we did end up at the ER ar 01:00 this morning for fever.

  3. I’m so glad she is happy at school now. Makes life so much easier for a working mom 🙂

  4. Freddi- I got them at AnimeWorx at brightwater commons. Searched for months till I got it right.

  5. Sheesh, thats an update and a half Louisa!

  6. supermom, definitely – I don’t know what I would have done if she was miserable during the day.

    Sunshine! I showed the pics around at work too, everyone approves. 😀

    Angel, 😆 and even more impressive if you keep in mind that it was all typed with one hand. If you have to write you HAVE to write, right?

  7. ha ha ha that pic of Nicola is much prettier than violets!

  8. Hahaha, aaah yes. Sorry about that again your highness. Blasted twitpic-ing off my mobile I accidentally selected the wrong picture that day. Still can’t believe you’re the only one that saw it. 😉

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