Arbour Day 2010

3 September , 2010

Well, arbour week really… I heard on the radio that Friday is arbour day but a bit of googling reveals that we’re actually in the middle of what is now arbour week.

This is cool by me since I can’t really walk around willy-nilly planting trees during the week instead of working, but I’d like to plant something at least – maybe even get Nicola to participate to some extent since it’s her first arbour day/week.

This year the tree of the year is apparently a fever tree. Pretty…and pretty bloody huge! So I think to kick off our first arbour day together Nicola and I will be planting a shrub instead. I’m going to taker her on a field trip to the nursery to help me pick one and then we’ll stick it in the ground and see what happens after that. I’m thinking something with flowers maybe?

What are the rest of you doing to celebrate arbour day/week this year?



  1. Hey!

    Remember to pick an indigenous one!

    Have fun,


  2. Thats such a cool idea! The only time I ever did anything to do with arbour day/ week was when Damien was still at school.

  3. that’s an excellent idea!

  4. Oh well, maybe next year? Nicola’s been sick all weekend so we didn’t get round to it.

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