239 of 365

29 August , 2010

239-365-201008281702Chilling on the kitchen floor while I wash bottled and do the general morning scuttle.

239-365-201008281705After breakfast power nap…I could do with one of those!

239-365-201008281709We braved PTA (again) for our little cousin Wynand’s 1st birthday party…his dad (also Wynand) shared his 35th birthday with his son and they had one big lion themes party for the both of them.

It was Nicola’s firts real experience with party food. She loved, loved, loved it! My sticky-faced-angel had marshmallow, chips and fruit juice from ear to ear and top to bottom! Also the lion mask was a really good chew.

239-365-201008281711This is another little cousin of ours, Mienke. What a cutie! She got just as sticky as Nicola, and after snacks the girls both had a wardrobe change. She’s about a month younger than Nicola.

239-365-201008281715Now clean and hopped up on sugar – the best time to attempt this crawling business again. 😀

239-365-201008281716Here is baby Wynand not quite done with the chocolate on his birthday train cake which my mom made.

239-365-201008281720Well hallo there. 🙂

239-365-201008281730Guess what?

239-365-201008281738We upgraded to the BIG bath this week and we love it! 😀 Planty of space to wash off all the sticky from being a happy baby girl after a party.



  1. Love seeing that bit of social interaction!

  2. It really was very cute – I just had to keep a close eye on it because Nicola does tend to GRAB a bit harder than she intends to sometimes. (this is the same reason why I keep rescuing the poor cat’s tail from her too).

  3. Ooh I remember putting Damien in the big bath! He hated bath time until that time, and then it was a pleasure. Even now he’ll bath or shower twice a day if he can!

  4. Angel, she loves bath-time. It’s getting dressed again after bath-time that she hates.

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