227 of 365

16 August , 2010

227-365-201008161618We had quite a cheeky start to our day today. Nicola woke up at 04:00…as you can imagine 04:00 isn’t exactly the time that I had in mind to kick off my Monday morning. I gave her a bottle and pretended to be asleep – sometimes that convinces her to have another nap too.

Not today.

After she finished the bottle she lie there kicking and waving her arms and calling me to play, meanwhile I am full of giggles and still pretending to be asleep (also wishing I was still asleep actually). Next thing she takes the bottle and throws it at me! Out of the cot right into my bed and hit me fair and square…I guess she really did want to get up at 04:00 after all? 😉

Next we go to the kitchen to get started on what needs to be done for the day. I always kick it off by washing all the bottles and getting them ready. Little madam usually sits in the pram watching me and chatting up a storm.

Not today.

Today she moans and whinges and tries to wriggle out of the pram. This won’t do. If Houdini wiggles out of there she’ll hurt herself so I give her a stern talking too…actually give her a couple of stern talkings too…try to distract her with anything interesting I can lay my hands on. No joy. Eventually I’ve had it and think perhaps there’s another way to get some order here. I turn around and tell her, “That is ENOUGH now!” And clap my hands loudly to give her a fright.

Guess what my kid does? She looks at me quizzically and then bursts out laughing. I’m apparently about as intimidating as a tickle? 😆

I guess I can live with that.




  1. Hooo boy… I remember how upset my mother would get if we laughed at her when she was mid-admonishment!

  2. Oh my hat, I would not cope at 4 am, I am so not a morning person. At least she made you giggle, little miss mischief she is:)

  3. Angel, 😆 my mom would too. When she started laughing I couldn’t help but join in.

    Fairy Girl, believe me – 4am is waaaaay too early for me too. I don’t even like looking friendly or being talked at before 8-ish.

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