225 of 365

16 August , 2010


She’s still not quite got the hang of the whole crawling business but it’s looking promising because she has started “swimming” backwards now.

225-365-201008141595We went to a girl’s lunch at 2nd cup and as always Nicola was fascinated by Wanette’s bling. Wanette wears very chewable and shiny bling – my daughter  just loooooves that!

225-365-201008141598 The papparazzi strikes again! Whether you’re digging in your bag…225-365-201008141599…or trying to hide behind the wine. I will get you! 😉

225-365-201008141600Annelie had the bobotie – which she said was great.

225-365-201008141601Adelize had the chicken pot pie, which didn’t wow her at all unfortunately.

225-365-201008141602Wanette had the lamb cutlets which she thoroughly enjoyed.

225-365-201008141603And I had the roast beef salad, with a few modifications – it was really really good. 😀

225-365-201008141604After having a few nibbles of my food Nicola found some treasure in the form of an empty gum holder in Wanette’s bag and proceeded to alternatively play drums on the table with it and chewing it! Bliss… 😀

225-365-201008141605Then we each had a slice of the heavenly chocolate cake…yumm yumm yumm! I highly recommend this one, in case you’re wondering. It was perfect.

225-365-201008141610It was such a lovely day you could easily be forgiven for thinking it was already summer. Must say I am looking forward to a bit of sun right about now.



  1. Where did you go for lunch? That looks yummy!

  2. Dit lyk soos great fun! Ek wil ook nog jou poppie in lewende lywe sien! Sy raak net al mooier en mooier!

  3. Alet, the place is called 2nd Cup and it’s in Weltevredenpark on John Voster almost next to Rock Cottage. If you’re ever in the area you really should give it a go. Their breakfast is also very good, and in winter they do a chili hot chocolate which is simply to die for!

    Jo-Mari, ons sal definitief ‘n plan moet maak. Kom jy weer die jaar na die Kwaaibraai toe? Laaste wat ek gecheck het was dit beplan vir by my huis op die 6de November. Miskien moet ons ‘n plan maak voor dit. 🙂

  4. I love days out like that.

  5. Angel, it was pretty much exactly what I needed. 🙂

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