220 of 365

16 August , 2010

I’m about to kill your readers – decided to do individual posts for this past week’s photos. 😉

220-365-201008091563My cousin and her hubby came round to introduce us to their youngster, Justin. Isn’t he just a cutie! Nicola was fascinated – but not very impressed when her grandmother picked up the newcomer…she’s not very big on sharing. 😉

220-365-201008091564I’ve been told that tying her hair in a little fountain on top of her head makes her look funny and I should stop…how do you like the clips? 😛



  1. Ag ma! That last picture is too cute.

  2. cat, 😀 I think so too.

  3. Your Nicola is flipping gorgeous, man!
    And to whoever said that the little fountain of hair at the top of her head looks funny? I say, you want to pick baby’s hairstyle, HAVE YOUR OWN BABY!! ;-P

  4. Aw I like the little fountain ponytail!

  5. MeeA, 😆 I thought it was cute and at least it kept the hair out of her eyes.

    Angel, good to know I’m not the only one. 😀

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