207 – 213 of 365 plus a little ramble

2 August , 2010

Day 207

207-365-201007271480I took a day’s leave to go visit my guru in his new gadget shop in Sandton. Saw lots of shine stuff that I’d love to own of course…and got to pick a new laptop for Sparrow to buy. We had a spectacular breakfast from a local shop and got to catch up a bit. What a nice way to spend a morning. 🙂

207-365-201007271481After my morning visit with my budd I went shopping for Nicola’s monthly groceries. Every month I buy her a new toy or book as well – this month’s selection looks like a real hit.

Day 208

208-365-201007281490Day 209


209-365-201007291494Day 210



Day 211


211-365-201007311509Day 212




212-365-201008011514Day 213


Is there anything more unhappy than a teething baby? Poor Nicola has been having a really rough week partly because of teething and partly because she picked up a cold/flu somewhere (probably from me!). Over the weekend at some point I thought I might have to take her to hospital because her fever kept climbing and she looked so listless and sick. Luckily the fever broke and we didn’t have to go that far but last night my poor sticky faced angel hardly slept at all – which is strange for her because she is actually a really good sleeper. She woke every few hours but almost like she had a nightmare, screaming and crying for at least half an hour each time before I managed to get her settled again.

I’m hoping all this will end when the teeth cut at last, but I’m keeping a close eye on her nonetheless. (Oh…big update on this from when I typed it this afternoon: one teeth has cut already – YAY! but it looks like this time round she’s having 4 at the same time! No wonder she’s not feeling chipper).

On Saturday I was busy wrapping Sparrow’s birthday gift and my girl decided to help. Hehehehe, I MMS-ed the photo to Sparrow (to fan the curiosity of course) and he wanted to know why I let her spit on the paper?! Hahaha, just goes to show – one man’s spit is another’s personalised. 😉

Speaking of the Sparrow and birthdays: this coming long weekend is our birthday weekend. Sparrow on the 6th and me on the 8th. The little sh_t had me completely convinced that his family was flying him down to Cape Town for the weekend and I was beyond bummed about it. Not that I have anything spectacular planned for my own birthday, mind you, but I would at least like to wish him on his and have him around for mine. Turns out he was LYING!!! (Again!) Don’t know why I’m so surprised really, I told phillygirl that I know how to tell when he’s lying: when his mouth opens, he’s lying! 😆
For my own what I plan to do is just to go have brunch and a walk around in the Botanical Gardens, weather permitting of course. I can’t think of anyplace I’d rather be than somewhere surrounded by some green.

Oh, and just a general whine on the side: my back up hard drive has died. This is very sad because there’s about 150G worth of stuff on there I haven’t seen yet. Also it has my bloody back up on it so if my laptop dies now I will be well and truly screwed. (Note to self: must get that sorted chop-chop). I’ll have a week or so though…Sparrow asked me for my IT guru’s number this morning. A girl can hope, right? 😉

Lastly, this has been one hectic moving week for me. First our whole building did a desk shuffle on Friday. My new desk looks like the guy before me kept a rat in the second drawer. What a slob! And on Sunday we had to move all the furniture out of my room to fit a new carpet. Love the carpet, did not love so much moving all my stuff in and out. In case you didn’t know, I live in a room that used to be our lounge…many moons ago. It’s huge…and I’ve filled it up, just about. It’s like a house inside a room. There was a lot of stuff, I mean A LOT! At least it’s done now and it looks great. Nicola loves it too, her new favourite spot is on the carpet patting it like it’s a good boy. Also this vantage point gives her a better view of Tigger, who she affectionate calls “Eh!”. Eh does not seem all that keen to be petted by Nicola though, but so far there is still relative peace. The thing that might eventually inspire Nicola to get crawling will probably be Eh’s tail! Peace will come to an abrupt end when that happens I’m sure.

Over the weekend we also had a real Disney moment. I took Nicola outside in the garden to enjoy a little bit of sunshine and to say hi to the dogs. While we were chilling outside a little bird (I believe it was a blue waxbill, although it looked green to me) dropped down out of the tree and landed on Nicola’s foot where she sat in the pram. It checked her out, she checked it out, I stood there gaping like a goldfish, and then it flitted off into the tree again. After that the dogs could have done hand stands and Nicola would still only have eyes for the trees! It was very sweet.

That’s all from me for now…hope you all have a kick @ss week (and that you’re the one doing the kicking).



  1. OMG at the bird!! Where was your camera? LOL!
    OMW I laughed at Nicola patting the carpet and calling Tigger 🙂 too funny!
    Hope you have a wonderful birthday

  2. Loved the post! Swing by when you go to the gardens for a cuppah or a beerah if you want! And give little Snow White a huge hug for me!

  3. Oh she is getting more beautiful by the week!!

  4. I’ll say it again: your child is gorgeous.

    Hope she’s feeling better and the remaining teeth have cut.

    Sparrow is so full of it. Glad he’ll be around for your bday.

  5. Jeanette, I had in right in my hand! But it happened so quickly I was stil trying to gather my wits by the time the bird moved on. (Thanks for the birthday wish – it’s my first!) 😀

    Jax, will give her a big big hug promise. I’ll give you a call before I come.

    Alet, 😀

    Tamara, thank you. 😀 She’s already feeling a lot better, thank goodness. And yes, Sparrow is quite full of it – but I’d expect nothing less from him! 😆

  6. Happy birthday to come girl! I hope you will get spoiled. Gosh yes, that is a real Disney moment!

  7. What a beautiful lil girl you have! Truly stunning!!!

    I’m having another braai soon – you keen to come?

  8. cat, 😀 I always get spoilt…I am a very lucky girl.

    8unni, thanks lady. Heard about your accident, how are you feeling now? 😐 I’d come to your braai any day (I might not have red wine this time around though – hahahaha!)

  9. Getting better slowly – still a lil banged up and have had a massive headache for over a week. *Sigh*
    Came off better than the windscreen – at least I don’t need replacing – okay that point could be argued 🙂

    I’ll mail you the details. *Note to self NO RED WINE*

  10. OMW!? It actually sat on her foot!? Thats fabulous!! You’ll have to start identifying the birds for her now 😀
    It sounds like you’re going to have a nice chilled LONG birthday weekend.

  11. Angel, so far the weekend is almost exactly what I had in mind. 😀 I think next year when Nicola is a bit bigger I’d like to take her and go away for the weekend…I’m getting too old for all these wild parties and what-not. 😉

  12. Or maybe my priorities have just changed?

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