198 – 206 of 365

27 July , 2010

Day 198

198-365-201007171451Day 199

199-365-201007181454Day 200

200-365-201007191456Day 201

201-365-201007201457Day 202

202-365-201007211459 202-365-201007211464202-365-201007221465Day 203

203-365-201007231468Day 204

204-365-201007241471204-365-201007241473204-365-201007241474Day 205

205-365-201007251475205-365-201007251476Day 206


I am having more fun than you can even begin to imagine… 😀



  1. Wowee, look at all those cute smiles! She’s looking absolutely adorable 🙂

  2. You have no idea how grateful you will be one day that you did this 365 in her first year.

  3. Oh wow Louisa she is getting more and more gorgeous by the day. You gonna have to get a guard dog & security guard when she is older to keep the boys at bay!

  4. LOVE all the smiles 🙂

  5. phillygirl, she is adorable! Some mornings when I leave for work she’s already settled down for a nap but she even smiles in her sleep when I say goodbey and make kissy noises at her.

    cat, I am already very grateful just looking at how quickly she’s growing up from the beginning of this year to now!

    Sharon, 😆 as soon as she can walk properly I’m going to teach her how to kick some butt. Other than that the only thing I can really do is raise her cheecky, right?

    Jeanette, soon those smiles will be sporting even more teeth! 😀 she really does know how to light up a room.

  6. I love it when they sleep with their little hands above their head, so peaceful.

  7. Fairy Girl, I agree…it very sweet. When Nicola does that she often pushes out her bottom lip too – that looks very cute.

  8. Man she’s cute! I was a wee bit surprised to see myself in amongst the precious baby photos!

  9. Angel, 😆 yip…I’m full of surprises. Saw your TTD photos on Jeanette’s blog – very pretty. Love those ones on the railway tracks!

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