18 July , 2010
  • I am beyond excited for Angel and Glugster ‘s upcoming wedding. I may or may not even appear in a dress to do it. Probably not (because it’s sooo damn cold) but just in case, don’t say I didn’t warn you ‘kay? 😉
  • At work a newer broom has been appointed in a significant strategic position to our department. We shall refer to him as “Snake-in-the-grass”. For his first trick it looks like he wants to merge us with the IT department and take away our flexi hours – of course all these things will make him very popular (not with us). If the flexi hours go then so will I most likely. The alternative is never being able to see my daughter awake except over weekends and that’s just not going to cut it for me.
  • Clockcard has not been having a lot of fun at work. I feel sorry for her so I’m trying to build some sort of bridge there. You know it’s quite unusual for me not to get on with someone, it actually makes me feel dirty. It feels like the whole thing is casting a shadow on my karma, and I can’t have that see? 😉
  • As I mentioned on Twitter this morning : One should not have to deal with pimples and grey hair all on the same head…I think my body is still trying to decide on which side of the hill it’s at right now. Pffft! I have my suspicions, but I’m not saying.
  • I am tired tired tired of winter and this f-ing cold.
  • I am tired tired tired in general.
  • My medical aid is about to encounter my crankypantsness – they owe me over R2000 and they keep “losing” my invoices. I have now started scanning hem and mailing them through every day until they get paid – this is only step 1 to a world of steps should they not get with the program. I’ve handed them in person TWICE now, that’s about as accommodating as I’m going to be on this.
  • My life revolves around laundry at the moment. It’s unbelievable how much we can generate between Nicola, Sparrow and myself. It. Never. Ends. (just to be fair I should mention Sparrow has the least of the three of us, and he’ll first determine my mood before he actually puts it at the wash :lol:)
  • I have become known as moody…not sure how that happened. I’ll have to work on that I guess?


  1. Sometimes one HAS to get moody so others can actually start listening 🙂

  2. I was told it takes 7 years for your body to go back to normal after having a bady….

    As far as moods – well my moods and I have become a lot closer these days. I think it’s part of been a mom and been cold all the time and and and…


  3. I too am tired 😦

  4. i always tell ppl i dont PMS. I’m the same grumpy bitch all month round.

    welcome to the moody bitch club 🙂

  5. Oh my girl, you have NO IDEA how much washing 3 kids and 2 adults make. But yes, I am tired too.

  6. anne-marie 😆 That is also true!

    Kerri, I doubt whether my body will ever be back to normal. 😆

    Fairy Girl, no doubt! I think anyone who can wrangle more than one baby should get a medal.

    ExMi, 😆 thanks! Do I also get to say “morning bitches” now? 😉

    cat, there actually are another 3 adults in our house who still have to do their own washing, but believe me I get the idea. Can’t wait for summer: less layers MUST mean less laundry, right?

  7. Well, you are allowed to be moody sometimes… I am also very excited about our wedding- and it even looks like its going to warm up a tad!!

  8. Angel, I am feeling much better now thanks. 😉 Sometimes when I’m frustrated or sad I just have to remind myself to use my words!

  9. Hey,
    I’m a new blogger. Just wanted to comment on the fact that you have the most beautiful little girl!
    Take care,

  10. biiteme, thank you! 😀

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