186 – 192 of 365

11 July , 2010

Day 186

186-365-201007051385 Day 187

187-365-201007061388Day 188

188-365-201007071391 Day 189

189-365-201007081392 Day 190

190-365-201007091393Day 191




Day 192


192-365-201007111404I don’t have a lot to say this week… I think the photos talk for themselves? 😉 I am blessed out of my boots to have such a little darling in my life.



  1. She is gorgeous!
    Just think how wonderful it is that you’ll have a whole year’s worth of daily photos of her!

  2. Tara, thank you! 🙂
    Yeah, poor kid – she used to get quite annoyed with me when I take a photo but now we have a little ritual that I show her the photo after I’ve snapped it and she’s quite happy with that (except that she’s really keen on chewing my phone which I obviously don’t allow!)

  3. My friend…she is so gorgeous….me in my total not broodiness can’t help going ooh and aaah everytime i look at your blog:) You are blessed 🙂

  4. Chick, your kid is just unbelievably friggin’ cute! Love the pics you post & checking out her various expressions & stuff. She sounds like someone I’d get along well with. 🙂

  5. Ag my moeder Louisa. Haar haartjies raak nou lekker lank. Ek love die poniestertjie op haar kop…..

  6. Rubyletters, aaaw thanks lady! 🙂 I really am.

    MeeA, she’s a hunny. I don’t even get to capture everything cute she does.

    Michelle, dis oulik ne’? Hou nie baie lank nie want die haartjies is baie sag en glad – maar ek kan ten minste haar kuif vir so 30 minute uit haar oe” uit kry!

  7. Ek dreig nou al hoe lank om te kom kuier en haar te sien…. Lyk my ek sal nou regtig ‘n plan moet maak….

  8. I love that pic of Nicola with your dad! And goodness, but her hair is getting long 😉

  9. AH look how long the hair has grown!

  10. Michelle, definitief 🙂

    Tamara & cat, you have no idea how I battle to keep it out of her eyes. My mom really really wants to cut it, but I have my heart set on waiting till she’s a year old and then having it cut then. So the little fountain on the head will have to do for now. At least in the back it just curls up and doesn’t bug her.

  11. Oh man is she the cutest or what!?!?

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