179 – 185 of 365 (the week of chews)

5 July , 2010

Day 179

179-365-201006281359My mom bought Nicola this adorable Zakumi soft toy. It’s super soft and it has green hair – green just happens to be Nicola’s favourite colour at the moment so what’s not to love? 😉

Day 180

180-365-201006291360Day 181

181-365-201006301364Chewing on the bath thermometer… 😀

Day 182

182-365-201007011369Chewing on anything she can grab off the kitchen counter – this time happened to be a pot holder… 😀

Day 183

183-365-201007021371Who says you have to be able to read before you can enjoy a good book? Chewing on one of first books… 😀

Day 184

184-365-201007031374Went to go say hi to P & C’s little bundle of joy. He is very cute…all wrinkly like a tiny old man. It’s hard to believe just six month’s ago Nicola was even smaller than this!

184-365-201007031375 Nicola was quite taken with grandma’s scarf, but when it turned out not to be a good chew she ended up wearing it for a bit instead.

184-365-201007031378The sitting thing is coming along nicely.

184-365-201007031379Attempting a chew on a purity teething biscuit. These things are rubbish by the way – I won’t buy them again.

Day 185

185-365-201007041381Grandpa bought Nicola a piece of biltong to chew on…it’s a big hit with the young lady. 😀 She also started with meat this past weekend, so we might as well right. On the topic of meat – she LOVES it – what a relief. I’m not sure if I could raise a vegetarian. 😉

This week Jeanette also got a couple of really cute shots of Nicola on Sunday when we went to see the puppies – if you want to see them go and have a look here.



  1. You have a totally gorgeous daughter Louisa, she is so beautiful. Oh and biltong is definitely the BEST for teething. Those purity biscuits are not even good enough for dog biscuits AND when pieces break off they can choke on them. I also hated them, so did J.

  2. I love the photo of Nicola and the scarf – pure elegance!

  3. She’s so gorgeous! Those eyes! I think just about every baby gets biltong to chew on while teething 🙂

  4. Oh teething biscuits are crap – they just make a mess. Biltong and beskuit is the SA way to go. BTW – dried mango pieces are the best.

    BTW – those wipe clean books are great when they get older.

  5. Try dried mango and banana for teething… they work like a charm… very messy though.
    Also try biltong sticks now that she’s into meat – but just salted… the salt is good for cleaning her mouth

  6. Oohhh Biltong is always a winner!

  7. thequeensboy, thank you! Yeah, I’m in a habit now of tasting everything I give Nicola. The teething biscuits also don’t really taste nice. She likes them well enough – but the pieces braking off makes it unsuitable.

    Alet, 😆 I love that one too!

    Tara, thank you! You’re right about the biltong – I resisted it until she at least started eating meat too though.

    cat, Jenty also told me about the dried mango. We’ve tried in and I have to agree it works well (but sjoe it’s messy!). I love those books – she’s got two of them and I think I’m definitely going to get some more.

    Jeanette, dried banana as well? Will have to try that. The biltong we got for her we washed the spices off so that it’s only the salt and the meat left now. She looooves it!

    Fairy Girl, how’s teething coming along in your house? Nicola can get quite miserable just before they cut so I can just imagine that it could be a handful with two little angels teething at the same time?

  8. those purity teething biscuits – have you tasted them? they’re shite….

    biltong ftw 🙂

  9. ExMi, I have 😀 and you’re right! They are shite…I make a point of tasting everything I give Nicola, and you know what? When she flat out refuses to eat something it usually is crap and I have to agree.

  10. Playing catch-up at last!
    How cute is this little munchkin!!

  11. Angel, always good to see you pass through. 😀

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